Miles to Kansas Apparently Done Deal

Yeah, it’s also not like he coached at Okie Light before LSWhooo, or that he knows defense wins championships, something the Little 12 doesn’t understand.

Big 12 has changed a lot since then and defense does not win championships in that league anymore

Simply because nobody has one. Don’t sell the mad hatter short.

Edit: On another note, sell, sale , or sail (pretty sure it’s not this one)

Only way Mikes is an acceptable hire is if Seth Littrel, Bill Clark, Neal Brown, Jason Candle and a few others tell you no.

Iowa State got it right - hired a top notch young up and comer and three years later they are doing very well. Long repeats the same mistake he did with Bielema - hire a “ big name” who’s a bad fit for the league he’s in and also happens to be 65 years old and well past his prime.


Just his name alone will pick up the recruiting pace there. I’m sure he is still well connected. Les put a lot players in the NFL. That’s more important to the kids these days than winning championships.

How many of the kids he put in the NFL were from Louisiana? How many future NFL players play HS football in Kansas?

The instate talent base in the two states is night and day.

Only thing I like about Kansas is the upland bird hunting but I will look forward to seeing what Miles can get done. WPS

Just like it is here at Arkansas. Sometimes just the right coach can recruit other states. Especially if u have a NC on your resume.