Miles to Kansas Apparently Done Deal

Not just rumors anymore… … h-contract

LOL - Jeff strikes again.

Personally, I wish him well.

Given Kansas’ long history of failure in their football program, this looks like a decent hire for them. He is an odd duck and perhaps the worst clock manager in the history of college football, but he has name recognition. I think the key will be what kind of a recruiter he will be outside the state of Louisiana.

Same here, hope he does well. WPS

Kansas is a P5 basement dweller like we are at present … who here would have applauded Les with More Miles being named our HC last December?

Not many if any.
I can’t believe he caved in to LSU on the buy out.

A great hire for KU.

A big name that is not that far removed from the sideline. He might not be in his prime but he has a chance to light a fire for KU football. Seems less likely to be a possible HR hire but more likely to not be a bust. Maybe he is seen as a transitional hire - repair the program, hire your replacement as a coordinator, and then hand the reins to him.

Imagine the performance requirements?

4 wins…plus $1 mil

6 wins…plus $4mil

8 wins…Governor

I suspect Les will have some limited success at Kansas. If he can recruit some players, he will make the team competitive.

I have always had a soft spot for Kansas because one of my favorite uncles was an assistant coach there back in the 60s. His claim to fame was he recruited Gale Sayers.

Wasn’t Sayers coached by a former Hog coach who ended up Kansas AD?

I don’t know if my uncle was the running back coach, but I don’t think he was ever AD. His name was Tom Triplett. Sayers mentioned him in his book, “I Am Third” as the reason he chose Kansas.

I can see the name attraction being appealing to some young men to go to Kansas. Miles has remained somewhat in the spotlight with a TV gig since leaving LSU so he still has some appeal. I don’t expect them to win the Big Whatever, but if he can draw some talent there and get them to respectability, that would be a minor miracle. I’m sure he will be charged with getting the program on solid footing for his successor depending on how long he wants to coach.

Wish him well, CFB needs characters like Les. Rather someone like him than Urban Meyer the ass

I had to look it up, it was Jack Mitchell.

This hire reminds me of the flirtation with Phil Fulmer when BB was hired. I sometimes wonder what that may have turned out to be. I believe it would have turned out similar to what you have mentioned; repair and then replace. We certainly could have done worse (and it certainly could be argued that we did.) As I understand it, Fulmer was keenly interested in our job. Might have brought Chavis here earlier and Caldwell back sooner. What if…

Fulmer was very interested as the permanent HC with contract. JL only offered 1 year interim position though to begin with.

He will get boat raced each week if he doesn’t have a QB and score points. His brand of Michigan football won’t cut it in the Big 12. Typical dumb hire by Long. Just like the Bielema hire here.

I agree… way past his prime and a bad fit in that league. Was Mack Brown not available?!?

We’re talking about Kansas gents.