Miles gone at LSU

Just like we did with Billy Gillispie? A lot can change by the end of the season and the coach you think you have locked up might change his mind or get a better offer.

Just look at Georgia now after firing a winner and good recruiter.

Since moving here (Baton Rouge) from Arkansas lo these many years ago, I have always thought that LSU had very “low classed” (attitude and action wise) fans, but I suppose that it is possible that Georgia fans could be close which led to their recent coaching change. I have been working outside in my yard and garden all day (after finally waking up, still heartbroken from my Hogs loss late last night), so was not aware of the firing, but it does not surprise me in the least. As a matter of fact, I told my wife before the LSU-Auburn game that the losing coach would surely be gone by (or before) the end of the season. Sitting next to the LSU student section at a game in Little Rock, I could not even believe how vile and profane the students were. Still remember when I still had LSU tickets and gave a couple to overnight house guests when I ended up having to work, and their telling me after the game that the game itself wasn’t very interesting, but watching the drunk fans (with particular reference to a fight involving a female) was pretty special.

I hope you never have to make an important decision in life.

My concern is our Lousiana pipeline could be evangelized for LSU if they hire the right person. Orgeron is the loose variable that keeps LSU from being a whole lot better than LSU with Miles. All other schools will negative recruit against his ethics and behavior.

Going out on a limb here (but not a very long one), the PTB fired an offensive system, more so than a head coach. Miles just could not give up on the smash mouth, run-first style of offense. Couldn’t recruit a decent QB because of it. Couldn’t beat Bama with it either lately.

Herman is the first one named by the “experts” as a replacement and it’s obvious why. If he turns them down, and he might, look for Art Briles to get a long look. For no other reason than his offense, and you could add that he is a winner.

This knee-jerk reaction is going to cost them big bucks and maybe the coach they want. No reasonable person is going to walk into that hornet’s nest without a whole great big barrel full of good reasons. Then there’s the fall-out with the kids and the shambles it makes of their recruiting. Bad move. Stupid move. A wise old business man once told me, “Never fire anyone in hot blood. You can always fire them tomorrow.” Good advice and I’ve regretted it every time I’ve done it. So will LSWHO.

That “whole great big barrel full of good reasons” is known as big salary differential. As an example, the Houston coach now makes in the league of $2 million. LSU is paying around $5 million with a $10-12 million buyout. Furthermore, the LSU program is not a dumpster. With no comment regarding what has happened to this point here in Baton Rouge, I have no doubt that they will get a respectable replacement. Perhaps the really sad part is that they will have no problem finding someone(s) to pony up with the buyout of the former coach, but they have had to significantly reduce state funding to education (LSU included) due to the fact that they cannot find enough funding for the state budget. Priorities?

There are only two reasons Grasseater even made it to their bowl game last year:

  1. With a huge deficit in Louisiana state government, particularly affecting LSU and every other state-supported school in Loozana, it would have been very bad PR to spend $15 million firing a football coach/hiring a replacement, even if it came out of the pockets of the big-money boosters. BUT…

  2. If Jimbo Fisher had said yes, they would have ignored the bad PR, fired Les and hired Jimbo anyway.

Fast forward 10 months. The immediate budget crisis is past (although Loozana state government is still in really bad shape), so the PR hit is not as important. But nothing else had changed. Les had a chance to address the fans’ concerns. Get rid of Cam Cameron, hire someone with a background in high-powered offense/QB development as his replacement, and revamp the offense. Instead he didn’t change anything, and thought he could win with mediocre to bad QB play, defense and Fournette. Oops. You could almost see this coming when he benched Harris in midgame and went to Etling (who looked at us and went elsewhere because there were too many good QBs on our roster).

On target, all the way!

Les Miles is a nice guy, but he should have been fired. He has underachieved the past several years with a ton of talent. He leveraged Jeff Long to LSU for a raise and got it. He can go home and count his millions.

I believe Ed Orgeron can do the job if the administration will let him. He did well at USC as an interim. He is a home boy who can recruit. There is no guarantee LSU will get a great coach…they probably will, but no one really knows.
Orgeron, I believe, took that assistant’s job hoping for this chance. I hope he does well, except when they play us.

Scorching take

I think I predicted this the other day!

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