Miles gone at LSU

Tough league to coach buy out or not he’s toast

Yep. Seems to be true.

Coaching changes, even at the best schools, are often ineffective, even counter productive. It may well take LSU 2 or 3 changes before they get back to where they are now.

If true, that’s an absurd reaction by LSU. If you want to fire him, wait until the end of the season. I didn’t even like it when we did that to Jack Crowe following the Citadel game, but it’s even slimier with Miles. He’s won a NC there. He’s averaged winning 10 games a year. They’ve only lost two games this year. Too much riding on one game for any coach. It’s unfair to him, his staff, the players, everyone. All it does is satisfy the blood lust of fans who think it’s just fun to fire someone who disappoints them. I find it disgusting. I guess Jimbo Fisher or Nick Saban are waiting for the chance to get that LSU job. Their AD is probably on the phone with both of them today.

Thanks for saying this. It needs to be said a lot. Running off a head coach is highly overrated – as LSU will learn. But especially a coach who wins about 10 per year. The players loved Miles. This was a terrible thing to do to those kids. Let them finish their season and them fire him.

You could of written a book on how he survived last year

The money boys in Tigerland wanted him out then and got their wish after miserable start to the tune of 10 mill + buyout

Oh tiger bait what say you???

They fired Cameron as well

I am not the biggest Les Miles fan out there but he certainly didn’t deserve this. More than likely it will take LSU a while to get over this. We were extremely lucky to get BB after the Petrino incident. SABAN is going nowhere but retirement when he is ready. Fisher has a good thing going at Fl State and I really doubt he wants to jump into frying pan at LSU but I could be wrong. I hope Miles gets every bit of the money he deserves in the buyout. How long did it take LSU to get a good basketball coach after they forced Brady out 3 or 4 coaches if memory serves me right. Miles will land a good job when he is ready.

Rumor is they’re going after the Houston Coach.

Believe that to be target #1

Have full season to reel someone in $$$

I was being sarcastic about Saban & Fisher.

Apparently the entire coaching staff will be gone come end of the season. If the Houston coach is the “new guy” who are the current recruits at those schools that may be interested in us?

I heard its Gruden.

Actually it’s being reported just now by LSU on Scout that they’ve reached out to Herman and Art Briles. WOW

That’s got to be where the smart money is going. Did he wear a purple tie on TV? :smiley:

Don’t overlook Gary Pinkel, or shudder the thought, Bobby Petrino…

Bart should be gone, as well.

God, please let them hire Bart. Then offer BP $8M and fire j. Long.

I wish they would hire Petrino, then maybe, just maybe we could get rid of a certain poster

Neither will happen, although it wouldn’t surprise me if they took a run at BP. BP promised the Louisville AD that he’d stay at UL forever in exchange for a second chance. So I have no doubt he’d be interested.

You don’t fire unless you have your replacement in hand, waiting–secretly. Firing and hoping, assuming your name and money will cause someone to leave in the middle of the season is not wise. Just think of all the pressure for the remainder of the season on Herman. He’s gonna DENY having discussions or desires to move until he actually believes it himself. Talk radio and TV will thrive on this issue for the rest of the season and more.