Mild expectations receipe for success

On the cusp of the 2021 Football season, I find it quite remarkable (in a good way) of the seemingly mild expectations of the football team and most especially QB KJ Jefferson. Previous seasons I felt the heavy expectations on the starting QB or on the team negatively affected their performance(s).
I am amazed of how well CSP has built this team. Hired an superlative staff. Masterfully infused the team with confidence without burdening it or any player(s) with excessive expectations.
The team appears to be very self-confident with a record(?) amount of returning starters and seniors (C19 benefit) and the best depth it has enjoyed in recent memory.
Yet they remain humble and hungry.
For these very reasons, I think we are going to enjoy a fantastic season.
UA…Campus of Champions


My main concern with the fanbase is they will get too wrapped up in wins and losses and fail to see the progress made against the hardest schedule in the country

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I’m worried about Burks. All I’ve heard is a heel bruise. I’m hoping it’s not Plantar fasciitis. I’ve had that. It is beyond extreme pain and debilitating.

I looked at Tennessee schedule last night. What a joke it could not be any easier (of coarse they suck this year). They played quite possibly the worst team in college football last night and won 38-6 and did not look good at all.

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There is good stuff in this thread. Guy in Hawaii always does a nice job cutting straight to the heart of the matter. Got to be the military leadership style that is at his core.

Guy, as usual, I totally agree with you. I’ve officially bet the "over’ on our season win total, which I"ve never done (I haven’t bet on any sports in 2-3 decades, since I am terrible at it!). I just was very impressed by the job our coaches did with a VERY limited roster last season. by the end of the season, notably the LSU and Mizzou games, I just couldn’t believe how we were in those games.

Sitting in the N end zone, we get a great look at the O and D lines. the size difference of LSU and Tennessee’s OLines vs our DLines (remember, for LSU jonathan marshal was about the ONLY available guy for LSU, he gutted out 92 snaps!) was frightening. literally had to use a program to identify who those tiny backups were on DL vs LSU.

But our coaches had us in those games. could easily have won them, despite some terribly officiating. and that was without spring or summer conditioning or coaching!

Now our coaches and strength coaches have had significant time with the kids. and we have a MUCH improved roster, top to bottom. I really expect a fun season.

However-our schedule is really tough. Bama and Georgia, yikes. A&M is loaded as is LSU, so we’ll be underdogs, but I really feel that we have coaching advantages over them, so I expect real tussles there. I know too little about UT’s roster to predict that game, but I expect another tossup game.

The other 7 games I expect us to have an edge. Maybe I’m not giving Auburn’s coaches or lane kiffin enough respect, but I look forward to this season. like I always do, lol.


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As September draws to a close, what a spectacular month it has been for the State of Arkansas, the UA, its students, fans and most of all, for the football players and coaching staff. The Hogs are currently 4-0 with decisive beat downs of the Longhorns and Aggies and ranked in the Top 10.
This is season is like a fine round of golf. Enjoy every hole, every stroke, every putt. Forget the occasional mishit and relish the crushing drives and pure approach shots inches from the pin. Take time to savor the beauty of the course and don’t worry about the final score.
This shall be a season long embraced, cherished and fondly remembered. Not just for any results, but in the manner the coaching staff prepares the team, coaches them up and the fire, energy and ruthless passion the players exhibit on the field. They have restored pride throughout our State from young and old alike.
UA…Campus of Champions

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You just described how I try to play golf. I don’t keep a scorecard, although I can always figure it out later. That is exactly the way to shoot a great score. Enjoy the shots one by one. Guy, you are onto something.

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