Mike's Mess

Coach Anderson never has been a good recruiter since he came to Arkansas…
And that seems to be his downfall if it’s over which it isn’t yet

The best players he got in his 8 years were Dan and Bobby and to be honest I believe those two guys were coming to Arkansas regardless of who the coach was…Dudley could have been the coach and they would have came because Arkansas was in their hearts

Coach A has failed in recruiting plan and simple

I believe it was coach Richardson that said “you can’t take donkeys to the Kentucky derby”

Mike is much like Houston Nutt, a few good players have given him enough W’s to keep him around too long. Matt Jones and McFadden extended Houston’s days much like Bobby and Dan have for Mike. Both coaches are not much on X’s and O’s, both nice guys but that doesn’t mean you deserve to keep your job. This roster is a travesty, it’s Mike responsibility to have better players and he hasn’t done that. It’s beyond time for him to be gone!

Today’s game does not lend success to honest men.

I agree he’s the head coach so the roster is fault in year 8 it’s all on him