Mike's end of SEC season record

Here’s Mikes last 7 SEC games over the previous 5 seasons:

2013-14 - 6-1 / Bama
2014-15 - 5-2 / KY & MO
2015-16 - 4-3 / OM, AU, SC (His .500 season)
2016-17 - 6-1 / FL
2017-18 - 5-2 / KY & LSU

He’s been really consistent closing out each SEC season. Even a winning record with his worst team. I’d take 4 of those 5 finishes and take our chances at getting in the Big Dance. At 5-2, we probably need 2 SEC Tourney wins. At 6-1, I believe we would be in because it would include a road win at KY or Auburn.

But herein lies the problem with Mike for me. We have to depend on this every year to get to the NCAA tourney. Why can’t he start off the year like this and be CONSISTENT throughout the year and we won’t have to worry about closing strong to get in. Frustrating…

P.S. We’re not getting in the NCAA unless we win the SECT this year.

You may be right, but I’ll bet you made that same exact statement during those 3 seasons above where he did make the NCAA Tourney. At least I have history supporting my possibility.

And honestly, did you really expect a team that lost 85% of its scoring to be an early season lock for the NCAA?

Every year? At this point in '15 we were 19-5 on the way to a 5 seed. I swear the revisionist history by the “fans” that want MA gone has just gotten absolutely ridiculous. No one is happy with the results, we all want more. But I get really tired of the faction of the people that supposedly love and support this program that act like we have been the worst program in the SEC the last eight years. I just don’t get it.

If we finish 10-8 we will get in. No doubt in my mind.

He’s not.

Correct. They’re not going to leave out an SEC team with a winning record when the league is as strong as it is.

I think if we get to 9-9 and win two in the SEC tourney we have a shot.

If it works out that we beat MSU, Ole Miss, Bama, aTm it’ll be hard to leave us out. Throw in a win at Vandy or Auburn and it’s a lock. I honestly think we match up well vs. Auburn. Gotta win tomorrow nigh though. I hope we run 'em out of the gym

In order to run them out of Bud we have to rebound the basketball! That’s the number one priority. If the hogs play solid defense and don’t gamble they have a shot.
We will know tomorrow within the first 5 minutes if they are ready.
Hope for a win but at this point nothing surprises with our hogs.

I’m hoping the guys that were here last year remember what the MSU players said after the game last year. “Coach told us they couldn’t rebound”.

Therein lies the problem - how the hell do you lose 85% of your previous years scoring? He’s not recruiting well and then keeping the players he signs at Arkansas. It has been nothing but roster turnover after roster turnover since he’s been here. Why is that?

Yep, one year. ONE YEAR we did that in Mike’s 8 years. We still lost in the 2nd round when we were a 5 seed. And don’t give me…but, but, but we played North Carolina and that’s not fair stuff either. UNC was a 4 seed that year. The NCAA Committee views a 4 and 5 seed as equal. So for your review, every year but 2015, we have to have a strong finish to get in the NCAA’s. Why do we always have to do that?

YOU act like we’ve gone to the NCAA tournament every year since Mike has been here. Newsflash…we haven’t. In 7 years under Mike, we have been to the NCAAT 3 times, we have 2 NCAAT wins, haven’t gotten past the 2nd round, ZERO SEC Regular Season Championships. Heck, every team in the SEC has been to the Sweet 16 since 2010 BUT ARKANSAS.

Don’t you dare call me a “fan” with quotes dude. I am a fan and go to games and cheer like hell for us to win every game. I’ve just never seen a program treated with kiddie gloves as much as our basketball program. I love Mike. Always have…but I’ve come to the conclusion that he is what he is. But hey, if your happy with our program being pretty much the same every year under Mike going forward, then that’s your opinion just like I have mine, so don’t go popping of at me about being a fan.

6 seniors is how it happens! The JUCO route filled the immediate need then you have Hall who listened to the wrong folks.
And this season Phillips has already transferred. That’s the reality of college athletics now.
What I would like to see is more Man and less gambling on defense. Better free throw shooting and better shot selection.

Roster management is how it happens. Roster management. Even some of the media covering Arkansas basketball will tell you that Mike’s roster management hasn’t been the best.