Mike Woods

https://mobile.twitter.com/footwork_kin … 6988391428

Love this kid and I am praying for him to have as much success as possible. Does any player work harder than him? Every time I get on social media I see him working his butt off. I love and respect hard work.

I’ve also noticed it with Mctelvin Agim, Santos, And Pettway.

You follow Andrew Parker? He is also posting videos of him working on drills. Very hard worker with great physical ability, I’m excited to watch him grow in this defense.

Mike Woods has the talent and work ethic of a future first round draft pick. Stud. Probably already our best receiver overall. Here’s to his health and to a great career at Arkansas.

Very impressive, ready to turn this team around!! Hard work, smart coaching and great recruiting will make a difference.

That’s one that I forgot to mention, good call, he’s definitely one of the guys I should’ve mentioned.

Micah Smith could be added too, looks like he stayed in Fayetteville with Agim over the break to work.

Love Mike Woods and the work he puts in when others are sitting around and relaxing. Praying for great things for him and Andrew Parker as well!