Mike Woods transferring again?

I think he has used his “free” transfer when he went to OU. My guess is that he will declare for the draft. My best wishes for him ended after he left the Hill.

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He could go to a lower division.

Maybe he just quit the team.


Maybe he was asked to leave?

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LOL. Anything is possible.

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He got some bad advice when he decided to leave here.


Woods has 29 receptions for 347 years so far this season. He is third on the team with respect to number or receptions.

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This kid is a bit of a head scratcher for me. As far as I know, he was the consensus number 2 for us. With Burks drawing better coverage, he could have emerged as a 1b to Burks’ 1a.

It’s really a shame. We could have used him.


Fade to obscurity. Soon forgotten from where, Arkansas, Oklahoma, SMU, nobody will remember. Poor thinking and poor advice.

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According to the portal site at 247 Sports, he’s not in it yet. Maybe he thinks he’s ready for the NFL

It’s senior day at OU, so his last game in front of the home fans. He’s not transferring.

He has a reception today, so he has obviously not left the team. Senior day tweet. Nothing more than that.

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