Mike Woods, Grant Gunnell, Jalen Curry

make the All Greater Houston team.

http://www.chron.com/sports/highschool/ … 464088.php

The thing that strikes me looking at that All-Greater Houston team is that several of the kids play at schools that didn’t exist when I moved away from Houston in 2006. Which goes along with the fact that the Houston metro area now has more than twice as many people as the whole state of Arkansas. The Houston area has been growing by about 300,000 inhabitants per year.

Yep! About a third from the US, a third from Mexico and a third from California.


I think snout is implying that 1/3 of the population of Houston is unwanted and undesired, (the California third). :wink:

Okay :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

That third from California may well be the
ones who could no longer stomach the
‘culture’ of that state.

Should we be glad these folks did not retreat to the beautiful Land of Opportunity?

Been in SD for the last 8 years… and the answer to your question is yes :sunglasses:

Did the first winter shock you?

Nope… had been travelling out here for many years before the move… Prior to that was in the DFW area for 20+ years after moving from NWA. The weather is the only really great thing about being here… and of course the beach.

LOL. Sorry I thought you were in South Dakota. Love San Diego weather. Amazing.

Yeah… guess I’m just too used to saying SD instead of San Diego… wondered why you would ask me about the winters :slight_smile:

LOL. I bet. My wife and I stayed on the island by downtown. Great trip. We talked about going there for summers when we retire.

Coronado is great but a pretty expensive place to live… well, actually all of San Diego is expensive but… they call it the Sun Tax. Let me know if you come out… would love to buy you a beverage!

For sure. Love to do that.

Would like to go to Del Mar at some point.

I was thinking South Dakota too RD. i may be the only person on the planet who finds that SD more appealing than the perfect weather SD.

I just realize I forgot to post this but on Dec. 22 Jalen told me he plans to visit Arkansas in the spring.

I love South Dakota and would love living there. Would never consider SD or any part of CA. going to Sioux Falls in two weeks for a meeting. Looking forward to it.

Don’t think I could deal with the winters.