Mike Woods -- DB?

Is Mike Woods moving to defensive back? Sorry if this has already been discussed, but he put out a tweet yesterday that made it look like that’s the case.

These coaches have said in interviews in their limited tenure that they have to get best players on the field who can understand the concepts being presented and execute & play fast. That is coach speak but it also says that while there may be talent on the team it may not have been utilized the best to allow those things to happen. The conditioning program and the more physical practices in the spring will accelerate that decision making process. This is a reboot so we should not assume what we have seen the past two years is the way forward. If we sign some of linemen we are after, look for them to start day one. I can see other moves likely but I am not a coach or see them everyday but making the same mistakes over and over be it lining up or not jumping off sides will get you bench time now and portal opportunity later.

I highly doubt it, he posted a picture of a workout, that everyone was doing not just DBs. I personally think it’s a joke, and was telling a buddy of mine I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a part of a commitment video with Savion Williams, who he hosted, and maybe he is guarding him as a DB in the video. Who knows, but I’d be willing to bet he’s just kidding

I agree with you JR. Too many new faces to see Woods giving up his role as receiver but there are a lot of redshirts who may see their roles change under this new staff. They will get best players on field some how and develop depth if their resumes are accurate.

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Putting the best players on the field is the only thing you can do! Mistakes have been made in that regard the past 2 years and we got “4 W’s that’s pitiful!
Pee Wee Herman could have gotten 6 wins out of last years team just with a little bit of leadership and by motivating players. I think the leadership and motivation is coming.
It starts in the weight room. We will see a tougher team next season.

I would tell you that would be a surprise to Justin Stepp so I doubt it has any validity.

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