Mike White postgame

This was kind of hard to find. Arkansas is pretty lucky that most of the post game stuff is on YouTube quickly.
White has a different take than Rick Barnes.


Interesting comments by Coach White about Castleton, towards the end of the presser. Question was something like, “Castleton last year, when he first came, do you think he could have kept his composure in a game like this?” Coach said, “No……he’s grown a lot physically, but even more emotionally”

Reminds you of the youth of most of these college players, but also makes one wonder what antics a less mature Castleton might display?? :flushed:

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I like it that he gave us our dues. He wasn’t looking for excuses


White was pretty cut and dry to the point. His comments show he has respect for his opponents. The lack of communication by Florida on defense and their effort is what upset him. I really don’t blame him. When he mentioned today being a day off for the players and he would be just sitting waiting on the next day it showed how much he cares about winning! He better right the ship.

Mike gained a few brownie points IMO. Good press conference.

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If Castleton has grown up, what was the like before? He acts like a clown.


Thanks for finding that press conference. I was impressed with how Coach White gave the Razorbacks a lot of credit for being a tough, physical and aggressive team that has diversity in their scoring. He seemed to appreciate how good that the Razorbacks are.


I agree. He went up a notch for me. Night and day different than Barnes’ ridiculous post game press conference.

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White used the loss to keep his players’ focus on improvement, not something they can’t control. Unlike Barnes (and Vitello) in his post-game attention had already moved down the road to Geogria. No doubt he will have Florida ready for Georgia and then Vandy before traveling to Lexington.

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