Mike Tyson to fight

SportsCenter (SportsCenter)

Breaking: Mike Tyson is making a comeback and will fight Roy Jones Jr. in an eight-round exhibition on September 12. Tyson, 54, hasn’t fought since losing to Kevin McBride in 2005.

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I hope he has a plan.

It will be about like a standard wrestling show. Why would anyone watch it?

My best friend was the ring announcer for the weekly wrestling matches in Louisville back in the 70’s. His favorite saying was “just because they know who will win doesn’t mean we know who will win”.

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I’ll watch just to see how he looks. I would think by the fourth he and Jones will be wiped out.

I’ll watch it. anyone know what channel? sounds like a great night for me and my crew. RD, consider yourself invited, if this goes down.


In. I’ll be there.

Looks like a great day of sports. Arkansas hosts Nevada and the Kentucky Derby runs that day too.

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I say hooray for him, glad he feels up to it.

You think you want to box until you taste your own blood.

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I have told my pro wrestling story many times. They had matches on Tuesday nights at Robinson Auditorium. They ended after midnight. Past deadlines for paper.

The promoter was griping to my dad for not running them a day late. Finally the promoter said he could give him the results “before the matches” and he did.


I’m sure Iron Mike still packs a punch. Depends on how much for how long Roy can run. But like Clay said by 4th round both will be outta gas.

He had one short round in “Hangover”… still got it.

I don’t care how out-of-shape he may be I still wouldn’t want to experience his loaded cannon.

You couldn’t pay me enough to take one of his punches.

If this fight would have happened in the 90’s, it would have been a blockbuster. At one time Roy was the best boxer, but age caught him. Always wondered if Cus hadn’t passed, if Tyson would have still been Iron Mike when he fought Holyfield.

And Richard, I agree, wouldn’t want to test my chin against Tyson’s punches.

Roy Jones was done when he retired. He could not take a punch anymore. I would be surprised if Tyson does not whip him or knock him out. It will be an interesting fight if it is legitimate.

There is no way this will be a true fight.

If one of them goes into this thinking this is a game, they’ll get hurt.

Actually I think they both know it is a game.

They may lean on each other for a few rounds and then one of them will go down. And, they will stay down until the referee gets to 10.