Mike Strouhal leaves Hogs

Strength and conditioning coach Mike Strouhal has left the Arkansas baseball team. He has taken a job with a local personal training center. I’ll have more information later. Mike is one of the reasons many pro Hogs still return to Fayetteville in the offseason. I learned of Mike’s move from James McCann on Tuesday night in KC. I confirmed it with Mike during the game.

I don’t know much about personal training finances, but I would guess then that he has developed enough pro athletes as clients that he can move on from the security of the college job.

I know nothing about the pay for that position, but I’d think it’d pay better than he’d make as a private trainer–unless he can charge the pro athletes as a private trainer & not as a UA employee.

Website says he made a little over 56K in his S & C position.

http://www.arkansasonline.com/right2kno … 3742923338

It’s been my understanding that there have been few raises for Mike in his old position at Arkansas. He was not paid for baseball as some of the trainers were paid elsewhere in the athletics department. That’s probably the norm, but I figured it was time for him to try another way to help his family a few years back. He’s got at least one child. Things change when your family begins to grow. I know Dave Van Horn told me a couple of years back he was working to get Mike a raise. I think something happened, but I am guessing it wasn’t much.

He is working at a Baseball Facility in Bentonville. It is being run by Matt Vinson and he has several former hog players working there who will do hitting/pitching lessons.

Mike is very good as far as strength training for baseball. James McCann and others say he’s as good as anyone in the big leagues.