Mike says there's a possibility underclassmen will declare early

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Said he has a “feeling that guys are going to be on board” but that he’s talking with several about potentially putting their name in. Deadline to declare early is April 23. As long as you don’t sign an agent, you can withdraw by May 24. Moses did it last year.

Players weren’t made available for comment.

I read something last week that there’s something in the new CBA between the NBA and the players that will lead a lot more players to declare for the draft this year. NBA teams will be able to carry 17 players on their roster next year and stash two of them in the D-League on “two-way contracts” at a higher salary than most D-League players, plus if they get called back up to the big leagues their salary returns to NBA minimums. So that’s 60 new roster spots next season, and some will leave early trying to grab one of those 60.

That’s true. I believe they’ll have a slightly lowered baseline salary by NBA standards but make way more than full-time D-Leaguers.

Bottom line Macon and Barford are not ready. If you’re ready that’s one thing but don’t force it.

I think they’ll both do what Moses did. Moses wasn’t close to being a real draft prospect last year and both of these guys are even farther away.

I think draftexpress had Moses rated in the top 100 last year. I know he at least had a completed profile and scouting report and they ranked him among other juniors and other SEC prospects. Macon and Barford don’t even have a scouting report on their profile. It’s just show basic stats which everyone that plays college basketball has. They aren’t even ranked among other juniors or even ranked in the top 40 of SEC prospects. I’d be shocked if they got an invite to workout for a team like Moses did last year, Moses was much more known and much closer to being a draft prospect than either of those guys right now.

TBH, and not to sound like I’m hating or trying to be a dream killer, but nobody outside of Arkansas thinks either of them are a legit draft option right now. You got guys like Q Weatherspoon, Kevaughn Allen, and Antonio Blakeney in this conference alone that are much better prospects and they don’t even have a chance of getting drafted this year. Sometimes, I just don’t think a lot of the kids realize how tough it is to make it to the NBA. They think because they have one good year, they are going to the NBA. What I don’t think they realize is they are competing with thousands of other players that also had a good year. You pretty much know if you’re a draft prospect or not, if you google your name and mock draft and most of those sites don’t even have a profile for you, chances are you need to return to school and work on getting better and getting that degree.

Sure hope these young men stay,but there’s no doubt they are looking to hone their skills elsewhere and draw a pay check.The overseas option tantalizes a lot of young men to make bad decisions, hope they seek good counsel and make the very best decision for themselves whatever that may be. WPS

Players leave college too early because they think they are better than some others that play in the NBA. However, other than players making choices that are not in their best interest, in the big picture, it doesn’t really matter that much if players leave too early because, it happens at all colleges not just at Arkansas.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I though I read in the last year or 2 that when players declare for the draft, they are then allowed to work out with their college coaches, during a time when players are not usually allowed to be coached.

Then they can withdraw from the draft in June or whenever.

It’s basically free practice time. When I read that, I thought that EVERY player should “declare for the draft” every year, to have more coaching exposure.