Mike’s first losing season?

There is a good chance we see it this year. We can’t protect home court…

Knowing the schedule, wins are going to be hard to come by. He could easily be looking at a season he can’t survive. It could be a major goose egg season. I hope not.

Having said that we played a incredible last 7-8 minutes tonight, scored a ton down low and lost again. They played extremely hard, over the top but once again just to fill a hole they got in.

LSU is good.

They lay an egg this season with Gafford who scored 30+ tonight and still lost, and then lose Gafford next year it’s going to be hard to manage. I hope he is here along time, but this FR class maybe it. I hate it.

Wait until Wade has 8 years to get his guys in.
He’s now 3-0 v Mike Anderson

We’ll see. It’s going to be tough, but not impossible to come out with a winning season.

This season is down the tubes and I’m being optimistic. The next two are going to be ugly!

16-16 we finish 500

Wade is already in the cross hairs of the NCAA for recruiting activities and he isn’t at a blue blood school so they will nail him to a cross.

Nah, it’s going to be fine. They are young and only going to get better. We got almost nothing from Isaiah today. When he gets his head straight and the team continues to gel, we will be a tough out. Lots of basketball left.

He has a pretty good payroll now. It doesn’t take as long that way.

While it’s clear most of conference is cheating, that doesn’t excuse these hime losses

I will believe that when I see it. I am just getting a little weary of attempts to make ourselves feel better with the ideas all of our opponents who have more talent are cheating.

Not making myself feel better, no more than denial it’s a big part of the equation makes someone feel better.

It’s just part of the equations nothing more nothing less. Let’s you know what you are up against. It’s formidable, not overcomable from time to time, but consistently difficult to manage. In the current landscape we may not ever return to prominence we once knew. It’s simply not a level playing field. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

We either join in or learn to love it.

Did CBB have to deal with cheaters, or just CMA?

Certainly. And, for the 50th time, no one is saying that MA should get a pass or that he doesn’t have to do better, or that he won’t/shouldn’t be fired if he doesn’t produce.

I’m not trying to make myself or anyone else feel better. If anything, it makes me feel worse.

And, it’s not an “attempt” at showing people wirh better talent are cheating. It’s pointing out that the league has several known cheaters. What about the Wade transcript makes calling him a cheater look like an attempt to make anyone feel better? It’s just pointing out what we are up against.

MA doesn’t get a pass. He has to figure it out. But, denying that it’s an uphill battle because of the recruiting landscape makes me every bit as weary as you are that I’ve pointed it out.

Wade the man who was right in the middle of the FBI probe caught red handed on recorded phone conversations. Good recruiting classes though, hmmm.
But yea he his 3-0 vs Mike.

That’s my plan.

I saw somewhere that Richard posted this roster will look completely different next year. What is the thought on this? Whose leaving whose coming? And hopefully they can make a free throw!,

On another note why are we not playing defense like we did when Nolan was there? We label this team the “Fastest 40 Minutes” I don’t see us playing hard nose defense like when we had Corey Beck, Dwight Stewart, Roosevelt, Ken Biley, etc… we use to wreck havoc on teams Please bring it back!!!

That was me. I expect them to sign 4 players - Justice Hill, Javon Franklin and two bigs.

As far as who will head out the door, Jordan Phillips, Daniel Gafford and another player on the roster. I also expect Khalil Garland to be put on medical hardship.