Mike Norvell update

Florida State got drilled by Wake Forest yesterday. That makes the Criminoles 0-3. Mikey N. is turning up the heat on his own seat very rapidly, and FSU has already proven it will fire a coach in his second year. Whether it can afford the buyout to send Norvell packing is another issue.


It could happen again! It looks like the dumpster has started smoking! It could be possible Norvell has already started researching the classifieds!

I am so glad we didn’t get him. We dodged a bullet. He’d have been better than Morris and probably still here. Not sure we’d have ended up with CSP

when he stated publicly, in 2020, that he had personally spoken with all his players, about national race issues at the time, and then the players called him out that he was totally lying about that, then he had a big mea culpa and had to meet the team for real, I thought the Noles should have considered firing hmi right then. that just speaks sooooooooo much about the man. and how much do you think those players will ever trust him? how hard will they play for him? how will recruits/players trust him? Not just to lie, stupidly, to the whole world, but about THAT topic? wow.

anyway, not surprised at all to watch him fail, but I am surprised how quickly he’s failing. He’s quite precocious in that regard.



That buyout would be $15.2 million if he’s zapped this season. And FSU websites are already running who’s-replacing-Norvell stories. Although that started last weekend after the Jacksonville State disaster.

You think Warren Thompson is glad he left?

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Have to wonder how deep the pockets are in Tallahassee. FSU is paying $17M to Taggart now.

What about the kid from Conway? Think he might be having second thoughts? I don’t see how a cash strapped program like FSU can pay two coaches big bucks not to coach and then go hire another prime time coach. Unless maybe that prime time coach is named Prime Time and is willing to coach his alma mater on the cheap.

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What kid from Conway are you referring to?

His first name is Robert. I forget his last. O lineman who chose FSU over us last year. Good prospect who I think is already getting PT.

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Not on topic…I know you saw Coach Kelly’s score yesterday :sunglasses:

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Yes I did. And they punted once. KK didn’t get that job because Presbyterian is a good program. He’s gotta get some people in there. We know he knows how to recruit :wink:

I’m pullin’ for him

Your QB throws seven interceptions, it limits the need for punting, or going for it on fourth down. And Campbell is not a good FCS team anyway; they were picked fifth in the Big South preseason. The rest of this season might be ugly.

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They got :camel: camel stomped. I can’t imagine what that felt like for a guy like KK who can’t even count the number of times he’s been on the other end of a score like that.

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Getting back on topic, Prime Time’s name is starting to come up in Tallahassee. Really, people, he has nine games in FCS and you want to give him FSU?

Who is “Prime Time”?

Deion Sanders

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He has gotten several NAME recruits to sign w Jackson St.

Yeah and the biggest one has the same last name that he does. LOL!

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