Mike Neighbors could get

some good news fairly soon.


It was be nice to know what type of good news.

sound like another top 30 recruit…this staff can recruit better than any i remember and that goes back to when Coach Blair was here.

The suspense is awful RD…haha… Wait for it…Wait for it…

Considering our record, is MN is already recruiting as good as anyone could reasonably expect. For next year he signed a 5 star transfer and four very high 3 star players; all with ratings of 90. 4 star players have rating of 91 to 95.

Per <LINK_TEXT text="http://www.espn.com/high-school/girls-b … lass/2019 ">http://www.espn.com/high-school/girls-basketball/recruiting/class-rankings/_/class/2019 </LINK_TEXT>, only 6 SEC teams (SC, Tenn, Missouri, Georgia, Miss St, and LSU) have higher rated classes. After Arkansas starts winning more and they will, Mike Neighbors’ recruiting will get even better.

Sometimes things don’t happen when you expect. Still expect to happen.

What position… forward or guard?


This is a different girl.

is she 6-6" recent visitor in class of 2021, the hog says we have news

After the performance last night against Arizona State it shows the improvement the Ladybacks have made. Nothing will surprise me about his recruiting. Mike Neiggbors is a winner! He can coach and recruit.

Where is this 6’ 6” girl from and she is only a sophomore? Wow!


What is the hold up on these two girls going public? Waiting for a certain date or moment?

Langerman finally did. Not sure when the other will go public.

Can you share more on her RD?

I couldn’t find anything on her. Is she even rated? GHG!


I couldn’t find anything on her. Is she even rated? GHG!

[/quote]She’s not rated by prospects nation. They’ve only rated the top 60 girls.