Mike Leach.....

Like I said, talk to me at the end of the year.

I’m not happy with where we are at all but the Leach fascination is laughable and says a lot about the fans hoping for him. Goofy stuff. About as goofy as him.

You can depend on me to be the voice of reason.

And, by the way, good win today. Offense good. Defense? Well, we got issues. But any win is good.
[/quote]A predictable response, albeit only confirmed in your not so humble opinion.

leach is a good coach.
he has charisma too.
yes its goofy

it would not surprise me to see him in the SEC soon

goodness knows there are several SEC teams in need of a charismatic coach who has high octane offense… puts fannies in the seats.

ole miss maybe ??

Missery will need a Coach soon!

Fascinated w Mike Leach? I dunno who is, someone commented he’s a good coach. WSU beating Southern Cal, not bad. That’s WSU people.

Leach similar to Petrino? Now that’s a good one. I can’t think of too many people that are more different in appearance, demeanor, and personality. Similar only in they win wherever they coach.

But haters gonna hate :lol:

I have never thought that it was tough to recruit black athletes to Fayetteville. I don’t buy that.

From reports I’ve heard Mike Leach is almost as big a jerk as Bobby Petrino. He’s considerably more weird. Their similarities are that they like to throw the ball and they don’t care too much about defense. I don’t know how Leach has gotten the reputation among some of our fans as a big winner. He’s never won a conference title, never played in a conference Championship game, has won 10 games one time in the no-defense Big 12. It’s hilarious to me that people who say what Bielema did at Wisconsin doesn’t count any more, are willing to give a pass to Leach who hasn’t done it anywhere.

I’m not advocating for Bielema’s firing or clamoring for the Pirate. But I do think some of your description of Leach is a bit one-sided. Tech was a doormat when he took over and made them competitive when the conference was much stronger with Texas and OU in their heyday, KSU, Oklahoma State and Missouri were strong, and you had Nebraska and A&M who always had talent.

No one had won anything in Pullman since Ryan Leaf, and after a couple of years he is now 22-9 in years 3, 4 and the 1st 5 games in year 5. He is quirky, doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks, but ultimately I think he is a good coach. Would be interesting to see what he could do with a program with better resources (see LSU).

Washington State was in the Rose Bowl in 2002, which is 5 years after Ryan Leaf left, and also won 10 games in 2001. They were coached by Mike Price, who within a few months had taken and been fired from the Alabama Job for his escapades with the strippers in Pensacola.

They were 9-40 the 4 years before he took over. He inherited a dumpster fire.

So did Bret Bielema.

And one comment by somebody was he locked a kid in a closet…you wanna read some scary stuff, do a search on Craig James.

No I don’t know what actually happened, I wasn’t there :wink:

There is not one post or comment that I have read of anybody hoping for or suggesting Leach as the coach of Arkansas( at Fayetteville, ha). Just a job well done for a team from Pullman,Wa with a stadium capacity of 33000 for beating the annually overrated USC.