Mike Leach.....

He is certainly different, but the man can coach. People talk about how hard it supposedly is to recruit black athletes to Fayetteville. Ever been to Pullman, WA? I have… might as well be on the moon and makes Fayetteville/NWA look like a cosmopolitan Mecca in comparison.

Fun watching his kids battle toe to toe with all of the glitzy Hollywood 4 star hotshots.

But could his kids compete with all the glitzy rural 4-5 star athletes here in the SEC?

I don’t know… I do know per the recruiting services Arkansas is usually ranked about 30 places higher than Wazzu.

Well that being said, CBB recruited about the same in another Power 5 conference supposedly stronger than the one Leach coaches in now & did quite well also. So who knows. Could Leach, Sweeney, Fisher, Miles, or Saban win here with our recruits or our average recruiting base each year?

Yep… hard to know. Sometimes good coaches are bad fits in other places.

His former walk on QB is a stud.

We still have a coach and leach does not fit the culture here

Dear Lord

It’s kind of funny watching all the Petrino worshippers fawning all over Mike Leach because they think he’s a Petrino clone. What Leach is is the flavor of the month. Lose a couple of games in Pullman and next month they’ll move on to somebody else

Very true

They play their first 5 games at home and 5 of last 7 on the road. We will see what everyone thinks after that stretch.

First of all I think Petrino should have been fired and said so from day one. Secondly, I don’t want Leach to coach Arkansas. Do I think he’s a better coach than Bielema. Absolutely as are many others. For example:

Broyles > Bielema
Hatfield > Bielema
Holtz> Bielema
Petrino > Bielema
Nutt > Bielema
Bielema = Ford
Bielema all day long over Smiles, Crow, and Otis Douglas!

If you want some bad press hire a complete moron like Leach and you would get it. I think the Motorcycle guy can be chalked up as a lesson learned about the caution that should be takes when you hire a coach. We still have a coach.

Now ur being crazy

That’s actually pretty accurate

Well, we can always depend on Swine to blindly support the status quo. Got to give him credit. Likely knows nothing about Leach but is loyal to Bielema to a fault. Swine, I bet you think Butch Jones is a great coach, too.

I know a lot about Leach. He has been a HC for a long time and hasn’t done much of anything other than lock a player in a closet. He is 118-77 in 16 years as a HC. He is 6-6 in Bowls and has one division championship. He’s
34-34, 22-25 in his 7th year at WSU. I can only imagine what the Year 5 gang would have to say about that.

I’m not gonna get fanboy over him for pulling off a win over the quality of team we beat 2-3 times a year. And, I’m not defending Bielema.

You can not like the flavor of the month and still not be blindly supporting the status quo.

I fail to see why it is a fault to support the coach, yet virtuous to be a insufferable critic. I tend to agree that the man crush on Leach appears to be a knee jerk reaction, not based on a great deal of scrutiny. What can we depend on from you?

You can depend on me to be the voice of reason.

And, by the way, good win today. Offense good. Defense? Well, we got issues. But any win is good.

Year 5 crowd will point out his first three years at Washington State were rough, but he won 9 in year four, Eight in year five, and just beat a top 5 team and they are 5-0 in year six.

It’s called successfully rebuilding a program at a place so remote it makes Fayetteville look like a major metro.