Mike Leach

Leach is a PROVEN commodity. We can’t be crossing our fingers with a bunch of unknowns. We need to know what we are getting this time, and with Leach we would be getting something pretty good.

  1. Exciting offense PROVEN to work (set records) in the SEC.

  2. A unique offense - Malzahn, Norvell, Morris and many others running the same thing. We need to be unique unless we are doing the same thing with more talent than the other guy, which won’t be the case for us in the SEC.

  3. Proven track record of exceeding expectations as a head coach.

  4. Proven track record of competing and thriving lower at level schools in their conference. He had 3 9-win and 1 11-win season at freakin Texas Tech. He’s had 2 9-win seasons at Wash St. This success is well above the norm at both schools.

  5. Showed that he can put a competitive defense together. #13 defense in the country this season at Wash St!!

  6. Easier to get financially with fewer strings attached.

  7. Less controversial than some of the options.

  8. Entertainment value and character of our program gets immediate boost. We WILL have an identity.

He’s a little less exciting than some of the options because we know more about him - less filling in the blanks with “hope” instead of facts. Most of these option are based on a lot of blanks filled with “hope”. This guy will get the program turned around and fun to follow again - almost guaranteed. If he can create excitement at KY, TX Tech and Wash St, he could be a just what we need at AR.

Opportunity to make a good decision is right in front of us. No more Hail Mary’s!

Proven what?

I actually agree. What’s next, dogs and cats living together??

I totally am all for Leach. He had over achieve at schools that were dumpster fires. I wonder how far he could go with a great facilities and a generous budget.

Unlike Norvell and Morris his teams play defense.

This year his team played relatively better defense in the defense-challenged Pac XII. Prior to that his teams at TTech and WSU were generally bad on defense, which is one reason why he has never been able to get one of his teams into a conference championship at either school.

He has shown the ability to bring the awful up to mediocre and occasionally pretty good, but he’s hardly proven that he can take a team to a championship level, and he’s had a lot of years to do so. He is of course just about as fascinating to the media as Lane.