Mike Leach

I was never in favor of this hire, and his name has come up several times in the coaching changes post-HDN.

But there he was taking a miserable Washington State team to 10-1 and the cusp of the playoff. Very impressive despite the loss to their hated rival in a snowstorm last night.

I think I‘ve changed my mind…maybe this was and may be still the answer.

Picked to finish next to Last in the PAC 12 north - very good coach

Mike Leach has still never won a division championship. Had it there for the taking last night, couldn’t get it done at home. And, come on, we’re talking the Pac-12 here. The PT isn’t within sniffing range of the playoffs. Again. Winning a division in the PT is even easier than winning the SWC was in the Hatfield era (Ken’s bowl record indicates where we really were at that time). Or winning the SEC West when LSU was down and Bama was on probation (1995). Leach finally seems to have realized you have to play a little defense too, but in other respects nothing has changed.

He has a number before their name. Think it’s single digits.

2-10, 0-8…winning division titles is the least of our worries now at Arkansas

HDN won the division championship more than once but he wasn’t good enough for Arkansas fans either…

Arkansas would have battlled Oregon State for the P12 North cellar… and lost.

Passing first horrifies Arkansas. I’m good with it. But we will go 2-100 before we hire a pass first coach.

Probably true but irrelevant. The argument against Bielema and Long one year ago was that they had dragged us into mediocrity, that we should be winning titles. Remember that? I think you were one of the leading proponents. Fast forward 12 months and mediocrity would be a vast improvement. Leach wouldn’t have a single digit in front of the school name with Ty Storey at quarterback, put it that way.

Leach hasn’t won any more titles than Chad Morris has, in other words.

No he wouldn’t have single digit in front of his name with Storey, not here anyway. But that’s irrelevant, he’s there with a single digit in front of their name.

Washington’s defensive coordinator said the reason the Huskies have never lost to Leach is because he never changes anything. Said they knew what to expect, and he didn’t do anything different than he has in previous years. I’m not throwing shade at Leach; just saying what the UW DC said afterwards. I imagine Leach will have something stuck back for next year’s Apple Cup.

My argument was actually that we were the Vandy of the West and battling them to be the worst program (11-29) in the conference under the Long/Bert cabal & that recruiting had fallen off and the abyss awaited.

I’m not one that thinks Arkansas can ever compete consistently for championships, but it’s been proven we can be a slightly better than .500 SEC program and should not be a consistent doormat.