Mike Leach to Mississippi State

Pete Thamel and Bruce Feldman are reporting that Mike Leach will be the next head coach in Starkville.

I Posted the same time you did Matt. LOL

You knew someone was gonna get him. He’s been begging for an SEC job.

No worries. I merged it.

We’d better get us a defense with him and Kiffin both in Mississippi. Wow.

The Egg Bowl might be fun to watch just for the histrionics on the sidelines.

WoW…that’s a bit of a surprise to me. It’s gonna cost 'em $$$$$. WSU thought they had him locked up w new deal. Maybe he had an out for a SEC job. Football scoop reporting it too.

SEC West ia a freakin’ MONSTER

Think it’s a helluva hire… Odom going to be earning his $$ right out of the gate.

I don’t think their current QBs are well suited for the Air Raid though.

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When Tom Lemming was in LR recently, he said he never heard of any of Leach’s QBs at WSU until they showed up in Pullman.

Tom sees about 2,000 kids a year. Leach has a way of developing QBs.

He does indeed - Josh Jordon and Minshew we’re “nobodies“ when they arrived in Pullman.

Lord have mercy I live about 2 and 1/2 hours from Starkvegas it is going to be hilarious watching him try to fit in with all those rednecks :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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Starkville doesn’t seem a lot different from Lubbock or Pullman in that all are part of fairly rural, agricultural areas. Lubbock is obviously a lot more populated than the other two towns, but overall I’m not sure Starkville is that much different of a place than where he has coached the last 20 years. All kind of seem like outposts.

If Leach doesn’t have a QB on roster that fits he’ll find one in the portal. He’ll have a QB.
Probably will be a lineup wanting to go. :sunglasses:

Pullman and Starkville may be similar type places but there is a distinct difference in the people in those places LOL.

I hate to hear it. We all know Leach is a good coach. Many of us wanted him here. (I was somewhat ambivalent, but knew he could do a good job.) MSU is a tough place to win, but as someone said, so is Pullman. MSU will do well. I had hoped, though, we’d have a little time to overtake them again. Leach won’t allow that. We might beat them, but it won’t be because their coach is below average.

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Last season the PAC-12 figured out the best defensive strategy to beat him as Wash St. finished 3-6 in the Pac 12 North. (Last) and 0-5 on the road.

36 -36 in 8 seasons in the PAC 12.
47-33 in the Big 12

I agree if your not prepared the game can turn into a track meet.

He’ll take Starkel and turn him into AA.

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36-36 in PULLMAN----what is the average ranking of those recruiting classes I wonder?
MSU is top 30 every year, . Not that he had great classes at Lubbock. Gonna be interesting

Understand Leach has a home in FL where he wants to retire so not surprised that he relocated.

Not a fan of Leach & relieved that we did not hire him.

Any idea as to what happened when HY interviewed Leach & why that did not progress further?

amount of talent within 2 hours of Starkville is infinitely more than Pullman and higher than Lubbock. How Piratey the matey can be Starkville is debatable, but those folks are passionate for all things State. I have had more visits to Starkville than I wish and still don’t get why the town comes off smaller than most AIC places in perception, but that is how I see it. Golden Triangel, my foot. Probably gonna find him a Favre type somewhere and he needs a stud DC who likes to bring pressure to live or die by the sword. Starkville is more like the suburb of Bryan that we all love so much.