Mike Leach reconsideration

Leach would certainly be a quote machine for us writers.

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No way we get to 5 wins. The only game we might win is Western KY

Leach is a one-dimensional coach with limited success in weaker Big 12 & Pac 12 conferences vs SEC.

Other than his Texas ties, does Leach bring any meaningful improvement to AR? I would almost prefer persuading Petrino to come back.

Any interest in Norvell at Memphis? He has Texas & Arkansas ties.

Both Norvell and Leach have beaten P5 teams - that’s a big deal at the given time.

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Petrino was one-dimensional coach from the Big East…

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Petrino wasn’t a one -dimensional coach. But he might have been a one dimensional human.

Actually Bobby was a one dimensional coach, offense, and he ignored defense and it was his main fault IMO. But he did in fact plainly win games by outscoring the other team.

His defenses were better than the defenses we’ve seen here since 2014.

Certainly. Along with everything else.

Not facts.

Nice prediction.

And the big difference between Anderson and Morris is Anderson was here 8 years. Unless there are issues we don’t know about, it would be insane to fire Morris now.

Based on what has transpired this season it would be insane to keep him around for a third year.

If they go 2-10, 3-9, or even 4-8 he won’t be retained and for a whole host of reasons Leach is the guy I’d go after if I were HY.

even after losing a 30 point second half lead to a moribound UCLA team? Leach doesn’t like to recruit either. Ask some of his former assistants. This mess is only one that you recruit out of.

I look at the whole body of work with Leach. His resume is so much more impressive than Morris it’s not really even worth discussing.

As for recruiting we lost a commit last night and the recruiting writers are saying more decommits are coming. If the losses continue to pile up along with decommits what exactly does Morris have left to hang is hat on?

Again, it’s way too early to make that call.

There is no job opening so I REALLY don’t understand why this is even a discussion.

Vance appears to want to commit to Tulane. Stay closer to home. He was there for an official visit prior to this game anyway. Wonder if this staff may have helped him realize he might not have been here in December anyway?

No - they wanted him

I understand the “let’s fire him” mentality, I do… but… it appears the expectation would be a “name” coach that will come in here with our current roster along with a few recruits - maybe depending on timing - and immediately win. That’s not gonna happen.

The same folks are talking about the immense lack of talent and depth at the same time as hiring a new coach. We’ll in all likelihood lose some of the current talent and some recruits by firing the coach. So the talent level will drop back to square one or worse.

If we do in fact start losing a lot of the better recruits then maybe we make a change at the end of the year but otherwise, gotta ride this pony for a bit longer. I mean last week the talk was would we be a team that nobody wants to play later in the year to we’re the worst team in the history of Razorback football.

Immediate satisfaction isn’t going to happen - not with this team and this situation. I don’t know if Morris is the guy or not but I don’t think I’m ready to bail this early in the process.

Leach, entertaining for sure and I think he can coach but not sure he’d be any more successful here than Morris.