Mike Leach reconsideration

This is another one I wish we had hired. I was dead wrong about him and cannot believe I turned my nose up at the prospect.

I hope this Razorback somehow gets to 5-7 so Morris gets another year.

But if not, he needs to go, and Leach should be on the short list.

Never liked Leach still do not. No way this team will win five games.

Let’s not forget how “dead wrong” you were on Bret too. Seems to be a common theme.

Actually I never commented on Bret.

Wasn’t responding to you, sorry for the confusion.

What is with the Leach obsession. He is a good coach and I’m sure better than the one we have… at least so far, but picking on weaklings in the Big12 and the Pac12 doesn’t make him a great candidate for Arkansas. I get the do more with less and air raid pirate fascination, but he got kicked last year by Washington when it counted…he got beat by UCLA last night. Can he recruit in the SEC? I have no idea.

No problem, I do not know how to use tis new board anyway.

BTW, Leach was leading by 32 points in the third quarter in the loss to UCLA!

Were you talking to me? Really? Long past time to move on past Bielema and live in the present. I’m sorry Coach Morris is the worst coach in Arkansas history – don’t take it personally – and don’t attack me personally, that’s not appropriate. In terms of Morris, it is what it is.

16 games – record 4-12, losses to Colorado State, North Texas State by a blowout, and San Jose State. Eeked by Portland State, I call them the Henderson State of Oregon, in this year’s opener fresh off his great recruiting class.

S.E.C. record 0-8

Those are the facts. I am certainly willing to listen and hear why you think this is evidence of a great coach taking Arkansas football in the right direction.

Good points all about Leach, maybe not. But I do think he would have been better than Morris. I think the Memphis coach would have been better too.

This is like Danny Ford’s last season in my mind, this is obviously not going to work.

Leach’s career win percentage is better than Arkansas’. Seems like you guys a worrying a lot about winning National Championships and being a power house before we can even compete in our own division. You really would be unhappy with 8 or 9 wins a year with a chance to at least have a competitive game against teams like Bama and LSU?

I would love it. We had that at one point, but it wasn’t enough for so many.

My goodness, can we stop with the “what ifs?”

Morris is a our coach fact!

Leach is not our coach fact!

Lets talk about what is, not what you think they should be.

I am talking future candidates even though they were previous candidates

But why talk about that when there is no job opening?

Leach obsession? Remember he is operating from the Depths of College football hell and until last night had his Pullman, Washington school in the top 20. I’m not saying he is the Coach for the Hogs, but he has won everywhere and is a good coach.

I’m fairly sure we will see a lot of nominations for HC on this board for the rest of the season. :sunglasses:

I’ll betcha 1…“I told you so”…WSU wins at least 6 and goes bowlin’…again. :sunglasses:

We had a coach once who won the national championship at another school but failed at our house.

True dat…don’t see any point here…I’m no advocate for Leach being here as stated…sayin’ he is helluva coach…one I keep an eye on.

Comparing Ford to our Chad…not much of a comparison there either. Who knows if he stayed 1 more year…Nutt’s best year was w Danny Ford recruits.

Because when he goes 0-8 in SEC play (0-16 total) there will be an opening.

Chad was promised a certain amount of years by somebody not named Hunter Yuracheck.

Yuracheck didn’t waste time with Mike Anderson.

Standoff incoming.