Mike Leach on Opt Outs

He has a compelling position.


Leach is correct on this.


Nah. It’s a business decision

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Mike Leach was the OC in 1999 at Oklahoma and left before their bowl game. He signed a contact extension with Washington State a month before leaving his players in Pullman for the glamorous destination of Starkville MS.

Why did Mr. Compelling leave his kids in Norman before their season was over? Why did he leave his returning players and newly signed recruits in Pullman after signing a contract extension?

How do you spell compelling?

I think it’s spelled H Y P O C R I T E


When there’s so many bowl games that are just to make money and the players make 0 why would they play. This NLI might change part of this but I’m not sure. There aren’t a lot of players they OPT out but it changes the teams ability to play on the field.
I don’t like Leach anyway.

Hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue


Not arguing against the coaching hypocrisy, but give him credit for stating what 90 plus % of the coaches think. It’s always about self-interest and human nature is never going to change.

Oh, I agree it’s what 90% of them think and how many of them have left a team before a bowl game to start a new gig or would if given the chance without giving it a second thought?

The double standard is a sight to behold.

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Jackson, the right word is ironic.

Isn’t college football’s consideration of dropping the early signing period an admission that that is is a problem from both sides?

Could you imagine if Michigan had lost to Iowa? Notre Dame might be in the CFP with an interim coach. That’s insane.

Big schools wanted the early signing period so they didn’t have to fight each other for their recruits.

Ironic now that a few have been victimized by it they want to get rid of it.

Leach judging anyone’s career decisions is a joke.

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Speaking of Leach, MS plays Texas Tech and he is still in court (eleven years) over his firing and salary… MS may throw 80 passes.

If only he could get called out on it during a news conference.

Not when you judge others, it’s not.

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