Mike Leach is the obvious choice

A nationally known experienced coach who would bring instant credibility and change the perception of our program overnight.

He has won at schools with similar challenges to Arkansas.

Washington State was a dumpster fire when he got there.

We have to score points. It’s going to take several years to build the defense. He will score points.

He knows Texas.

He won’t win SEC championships but he could get us back to relevance and then move on.

Suck it up bosses - sorry if he’s prickly - you guys got us in this mess in the first place.

Bob Stoops isn’t coming. Let’s hire one of his disciples.

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I agree. It would take $ 6 million to get him here. He currently is at 4.

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If you’re gonna spend 6 then get Sark from Bama. He won’t cost 6, he’s looking for a new chance after a season with Saban. Of Kiff. But 6 is a lot to spend so you better make it right.

He failed at USC. Why would he work here?

Leach hasn’t failed anywhere yet.

Leach doesn’t like to recruit.

Well he wins. He’s doing something right.

He hasn’t coached here yet, and he wouldn’t be given the time to turn it around.
If we could hire Saban now and he had the start the Morris had, some would want to fire him knowing full well what he has accomplishe.

But he is only 4-5 this year and 1-5 in the Pac12!

But he develops players. Nobody does more with less than Leach.

Leach would be a huge disappointment & would not end well for Arkansas. In his 8th year at WSU he is 4-5 & 1-4 in conference play in a very weak Pac 12. Would not be surprised if he is not fired after this season - both for their record & his public statements. He publicly belittles his players when they lose & blames them for their losses. Leach being so wheels off & unhinged would not be a good fit for us. Fans might overlook his personality if he is consistently successful, but consistent success has not been his history.

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Leach has had a ceiling everywhere he’s coached, and it’s not been one that includes any conference championships. There’s no reason at all to think that he would do any better here. I feel pretty confident he could get us back to having a winning record, but then I again I’d feel pretty confident about most anyone we’ve hired doing that. Leach has never won a conference championship, and his team is 4-5 this year. He’s not a bad coach, but I don’t see him as an obvious or even very good choice.

He’s at a place that may be the hardest place to recruit of any Power 5 school.

He’s had some highs there. And he took TT to highs they haven’t seen since.

Get him back in his area and he would bring us back to relevance

Would he be my choice if we could have anyone? No. But we can’t have anyone and we can’t hire another total failure.

Ding ding ding!

Not the worst hire we could make, but not what we need either.

I sure don’t think Leach is the obvious choice; he’s a choice. Perhaps we can return to SMU for Sonny Dykes; at least he bested North Texas.

We need someone who is gonna build a program. Is that not what Leach has done at both TTU and WSU?

Sonny won’t leave SMU.

He’s gotten them off the floor. He hasn’t gotten anyone to the top. He’s never even played in a conference title game. And 1-4 in the Pac-12 this year is not going to sell a lot of season tickets in RRS.

By the way, the combination of a new coach – ANY new coach – and a much better RRS schedule will automatically improve season ticket sales for 2020

We have different outlooks, although I’m not opposed to yours. It would be exciting to hire an up-and-comer who might be the next big thing and could win a ton of games here. But there’s also more risk in that.

Leach is low ceiling, high floor. He won’t win 10 games here. But he’ll get us to bowls. And I think the SEC would motivate him like he hasn’t been in a while.

Morris has made me more risk averse than I’ve ever been with these things.

I agree with that.

Also at near 60 yrs old, Leach is approaching the downside of his career. Would prefer a younger coach who is an up & comer. Who would Frank Broyles hire?