Mike Leach health scare

Hopefully it’s not life threatening. I’m sure if he’s able, he would ask the medical staff if any were Ole Miss fans.

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Wish him the best outcome.

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Moo U doesn’t have a medical school. Ole Miss does. And that’s where he is.

Understand. I’m sure there’s plenty of other staff members not Ole Miss grads.

Prayers for Coach Leach and his family.


I can joke about just almost anything but not a person’s health. Some of the comments are sad.


Yes prayers for Mike and his family! Done…

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I always liked Leach. Solid offensive mind - for a lawyer.

I read the comments on twitter. What is wrong with people? Sad…


Prayers for a speedy recovery

Praying that Coach Mike Leach has a positive report from this frightening incident.

My prayers are with Coach Leach and his family. Very scary!

Prayers for Mike and his family!! WPS

I am trying to not call some Oktibeeha hospital sources, buf if it were the most extreme dire circumstances he would have been on a chopper. Jackson has great care and Bham was also an option that might have been utilized. I wish his caregivers the best and hope it does not cost Leach one of his nine lives.

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Choppers won’t take you in Baxter County unless you are stable.

not true for any advanced med system. When I worked ER in Winchester the ambulance drivers were offended because they could do the 100 miles to Nashville in 90 minutes and that was close to the round trip and back required of a Nashville based chopper.

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Keep the prayers up guys.

I like Mike.