Mike is in great company!

2 2 seeds and 2 1 seeds with fantastic coaches won’t make it to sweet 16

Tom Izzo, Roy Williams, Chris Mack, and Mick Cronin need to go. Can’t get it done against inferior teams. Major underachievers.

What’s their records last 7 years?

Yes I know Mike gets a pass first several years.

Sorry can’t help it.

I think Mike gets us there but hopeful it happens within his first decade.

Not sure their record but I know Roy won a national championship last year so pretty shocking that he can’t get back to the sweet 16 with relatively the same team. Time for him to probably retire. Tom Izzo consistently underachieves with those steller classes. Time for him to retire too. And Cincy blowing a 20 point lead. I mean how did they let that team back in the game. Makes no sense. Must be the coach. Don’t even get me stared on the number one overall seed losing to a 16 seed for the first time ever. I mean did the coach even prepare for the game or just think those players were going to go out and play rat ball?