Mike Irwin made some interesting

comments about the GSD on press row today that people behind the scenes n LR aren’t so convinced that spending 17M for a game every other year is really worth it! Hmm. I have always liked Mike and he is usually pretty accurate. Stay tuned!

Said everyone who has any understanding of fiscal responsibility.

We’ve all made comments about that and Wally recently wrote about it as well.

They want the games, but are wondering if the money to improve the stadium to SEC standards is worthy of taking out of the state’s budget.

If it comes to pass, UA has a great out without angering the fan base.

Bottom line it’s embarrassing to play a game in WMS and the play clock be out! Period end of story. Spend the money to bring it up to standards or forget it. They also won’t have to spend money fixing the golf course anymore.
I live in Central Arkansas and I don’t attend games in Little Rock. I drive to hill to see the hogs. It’s a lot safer!

Safer? Said the Conway or Cabot resident (presumably).

I’ve been going to games in WMS for 40 years and believe it or not I’m still alive and never been robbed, assaulted, etc. I was on the eagle eye lookout for any MS-13 members or Crips roving the golf course prior to the Ole Miss game and did not see even one!! Amazing!!!

A Christmas miracle in October! LOL

I will be very sad if this comes to pass (no more Little Rock games). I so enjoyed the Friday night baseball scrimmage with UALR and then going to the football stadium on Saturday night. I understand I fall into a unique category, an old guy who grew up in that neighborhood.

You won’t be the only one sad about it.

But you might be in the minority… :smiley:

Might be… but the decision to extend the contract tells me the “money” must be evenly split!

Yet, “money” isn’t willing to come to the table with some, so…

I just wonder what your opinion would be if one of your kids had been beaten and robbed at a sporting event in Little Rock!
Our capitol city isn’t what it was 30 or 40 years ago. You go sit bedside and look at your baby girl with her face swollen. I have my friend. The play clock isn’t all that don’t work. When in have an appointment in Little Rock I’m out of town before dark.
On Easter Sunday in 2017 one of my daughter friends was running and got assaulted. Normally they run togerther that day she went to church with us and we were having lunch when she got the call.
If it’s your opinion it’s safe that’s your right. I base my opinion off the things that have happened to my kids.
By the way look up the crime rate for Little Rock and watch the news. Maybe you’ll figure it out as well. Have you heard in victory over violence?
Go eagle eye on the golf course some more.

Not a chance. I live in the country. Between Searcy and Rose Bud. I like to have my space.

Fine, I’m glad you live in the country.

Little Rock is my hometown. I understand you had an awful experience with someone close to you and truly am sorry about that, but most people have not and I don’t see that as a reason to indict an entire city. Little Rock isn’t and never has been perfect. But it’s home to several of us, and I don’t understand taking the position that going to games or even visiting LR is something that shouldn’t happen because it’s too dangerous. Using that logic, you should never visit any of the great cities in the world. They all have some element of danger too.

Little Rock ought not to be attacked like it is. Too much generalizing. Too many broad brushes.

This state has a lot of things that NEED to have government spending. Schools, healthcare, etc., etc. Updating an obsolete stadium is not one of them.

The first Hog game I ever attended was in WMS, in 1969 (hard to believe some of the people who played in that game would now be in their 70s). I’ve been to a lot of games there in the intervening 49 years. Both Miracles on Markham, the '79 Texas game, etc., etc. A lot of memories. But that day has gone. We lose too much by playing there.

Most every city has some rough areas. Don’t believe me? Ask the cops in Fayetteville and Springdale, or look at crime reports/jail booking data.

Little Rock and North Little Rock have two primary problems, neither of which is very unusual in mid-sized urban areas.

First, there are property crimes, primarily associated with drug users stealing to support their habits.

Second, there is a violent crime problem in poor neighborhoods, with the poor or the neighborhood members who make their (illegal)living off the poor almost always being both perps and victims. Some of that violence is gang-related, some of it drug-related. The City of Little Rock, including the police department, almost refuses to discuss crimes as being gang-related, which is just silly.

Little Rock/North Little Rock in general is as safe as most any other urban area of its size, and in many cases probably safer.

This issue is not about crime in the areas.

It’s about putting the money into the stadium to get it up to SEC standards.

So…now they are just figuring this out? What’s happened since last May, or whenever it was that we had the dog and pony show with all the usual suspects at WMS?