Mike Gundy

Met with Tennessee officials today. The outcome should be known this afternoon.

BTW, this is confirmed, not rumor. Gundy’s contract forces him to notify his employer (OSU) if he’s going to talk to another school about a job. And he did so, so it’s public record.

Seems like he always like to play around like this and get more cash out of OK state…

Fear the mullet!!! Lol. This coach seems like a malcontent. Read somewhere he has a clause in contract that says he doesn’t have to speak to ad, or he
Can be disrespectful. Something like that. He just signed new 4 or 5 year contract making over 4mm per ur with a 125000 raise each year. Tennessee people are saying Gundy can ask whatever he wants and probably get it because Tennessee is trying to put embarrassment behind them quickly. Also, he is his own agent. He fired Sexton

I work with a couple okie light fans and they are worried he’ll leave.

The rumor here is tenner is offering to double his salary. If true, that would be hard to turn down.

And I’m already hearing grumbling from Vol fans. One just texted me saying that he can’t even spell defense.

They are still hoping for Gruden, Saban or Meyer…

As I understand he and Pickens are not on the best of terms.

Thats a good reason to leave

If Gundy does leave, OSU will certainly be able to spend some bucks to hire the next guy, and would seem a sure bet to go after any one of our rumored candidates other than maybe Venables. This may complicate things by putting another well-heeled player into the game. Sumlin might want to slow down any talks with Arizona State until he sees if Gundy leaves, because he would be perfect for OSU, with their heavy reliance on Texas recruiting.

He’s been offered the job, now he’s wants to…“mull-et” over!

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makes my entire day

thank you

We thought Gundy was coming when Long hired BB. He is a good coach. Wish we had him…Long picked the wrong guy as it turned out. No wonder those AD’s sweat those hirings. Many times their jobs are tied to the success of the coach.

Barbers everywhere in Tennessee having sale on mullet cuts! That’s all we need is crazies wearing checkerboards and sporting mullets. Might completely destroy the SEC slogan “it just means more (hair).”

why, you are welcome Elvis…wish I could take credit for originating the funny pun, but it made me smile when I heard it earlier today on sportstalk here in Knoxville.