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Beamer is trying to snatch recruits from us ….

Dow is much more suited for college game than NFL. Apparently a great collegue from the little that I have talked with former Titan assistant, who understands why Dow could be a great recruiter (and so was this guy with the Whorns). It has to be clear to all that Dow is seeking a path to be his own HC.

Looks like Beamer told “Gene” to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

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I get it that the criticism has to be annoying, especially before the guy has called a play there.

But, man, these diatribes don’t play well. It just comes across as being really thin-skinned.

Whether it is a good hire will be determined on the field.

The proof is in the pudding.

Gene Sapakoff is our version in the Lowcountry of Wally Hall. @hogmaestro can speak to it as well. Here is the article:

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I think thin-skinned is a good way to describe Beamer. He does not seem to handle media well.

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That’s enough for me to add Sapakoff to my no read list…


I know this saying is out of date now, but I think most will get the jest of this statement. “Never get into a war of words with someone who buys ink by the barrel.” Shane better win, because many of these guys whose noses were rubbed in the dirt probably both have long memories and access to getting their axes ground.

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Beamer is too sensitive to make it. He should go hang out with saban and the rat poison. Cry to folks that might care. If you got a great coach why do you need to defend yourself. Go play.

Sometimes it’s about standing up for your guys. But … and there is always a but…. I do think keeping your head down and just get back to work is the best approach. Beamer had a good season but he’s still gonna have to battle Clemson and Georgia every day for players.


That’s a deep hole (and getting deeper) for a coach to climb out of… he better hope the fairy tale continues, odds are it won’t.

I think some like Gene Sapakoff get full of themselves and come across like they know more than anyone else. I saw Beamer taking up for Dowell and he made some good points.

When making a a hire, most do their home work. It sounds like Beamer did.

Who’s the national guy who said Clemson hiring Dabo was a huge mistake? Can’t remember but I’m sure a lot of people questioned it.

It’s all about style. Beamer could have said the same thing in a far different manner.


Will agree.


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