Mike Bianco

I’m sitting right behind home plate in Hoover. Between games, Mike Bianco just said to Paul MainIeri, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I’m sure that can be interpreted many ways, but since LSU and Ole Miss are my two least favorite teams, I took it as a slight to the Hogs’ chances today. :thinking:

Take it with a grain is salt! If the umpires can help they will!

he knows they have had our number.

Bianco played at LSU nYbe that had something to do with it

Still peeves me off

I take it as wishing Mainieri good luck. He could have said the same thing to DVH.

Bianco and Mainieri are buddies no different than Van Horn and Childress. Bianco used to play at LSU and coached there.

Bianco isn’t only good friends with Mainieri, but Bianco trusts Mainieri with his son, who will play for the Tigers next year.
I actually like both of those coaches. They seem like class guys. I’ll still root against both those teams, though. :sunglasses:

Good friends or not, I take that comment just like hogstetrician took it—as an assumption that LSU would win. That’s not wishing him luck, a polite thing to do. It’s an assumption. Screw Bianco.