Mike Anderson's media availability today

Dudley, Bob and I were out at Mike Anderson’s annual celebrity golf tournament today.

I shot video of Todd Day, Mike, Dusty Hannahs, Bobby Portis and John Daly. I’ll have that up this afternoon.

As far as what Mike had to say, Khalil Garland still has not been cleared to play. Anderson said they will see what takes place during the summer months and on into the fall, then see where they are at that time.

Arkansas, as of now, is not playing in the Puerto Rico Tip-off Classic. Arkansas’ name had been included in the participants on the tournament’s site recently, but isn’t anymore. Anderson said Arkansas is “on the cusp” of hammering out the schedule right now. Should know who Arkansas will play in the Big 12-SEC Challenge soon, too.

Anderson said all newcomers will be on campus by the end of the month. They have a meeting on the 28th at 8 a.m., and summer school begins on the 29th. There is much more in the video I will be posting shortly.

This Garland thing really is starting to seem like a long shot.

On another note, Dusty said he might be at the Orlando Magic mini-camp later this month. He’s waiting on his agent to confirm everything. I got his contact info and plan on checking in to see how that plays out.

Daryl Macon worked out for the Lakers today, too, by the way.

I think the SEC/Big 12 Challenge matchups will be released later this week.

This is just an educated guess, but I think the game will be at Baylor, TCU, Texas Tech or Oklahoma. I say that because the conferences have attempted to stagger home and away games, so this would be Arkansas’ year to be on the road. Those four teams, plus Oklahoma State, were on the road for the challenge last year. I don’t see Arkansas and Oklahoma State getting matched up a third season in a row.

Well, information shared on the Twitter in the last couple of hours says that mike Anderson has increased activities of Garland in this off-season to what he had been doing during the 2017-18 season. That is good news for Khalil and his fans.

I will say it again that I thought he was most ready freshman from our freshman class last season. He would have been the difference that could have made us a contender for the SEC title and Elite Eight. Imagine Garland on the floor instead of Beard,

Who is saying this? I searched Mike Anderson and Khalil Garland on Twitter and nothing but a notebook link from Rivals showed up.


The tweets are no longer on McPherson’s account.

He posted it on Hogville with the tweets, they’re still showing, here is the link to Hogville:


They are still there. That would be hugeeeeee.

Couple of things per people who should know and who were asked again after that report

There are no basketball related activities going on right now and won’t be until early June.

There has been absolutely no change in Khalil’s status.

I know people want to be optimistic and I truly hope it works out, but as the head coach said again today - he has not been cleared to play basketball.


My family suffered a terrible loss over 46 years ago when my 18 year old cousin collapsed and died on the steps of the Jr. College he was attending. He had a heart condition that could easily be corrected today. He was closer than a brother.

Me and my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins still grieve from that sudden and unexpected loss.

I’m glad that they found this issue with Khalil and are proceeding with caution. I’ve seen what can happen without proper medical help.