Mike Anderson

I read elsewhere that the foundation is paying Mike thru 2021, is this true? If it’s true why are we paying him since he has a head coaching job?

Scott Varady has been on record in our newspaper as saying the foundation no longer owes Anderson buyout payments, based on his salary at St. John’s.

Thanks Matt.

Anderson’s buyout with the Razorback Foundation was $1 million per year through the end of his contracted term at Arkansas, subject to mitigation. St. John’s is a private school and does not disclose its coaches’ salaries, but they are learned through tax filings. Chris Mullin was paid $2 million per year, so I assume Anderson is pulling a comparable salary.

CMA has integrity and he got a job as quick as he could. I’m glad the buyout is over.
I hope CMA has success at ST Johns and makes the dance. I just hope we don’t have to play his team.

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I think that we will be just fine if we play them.