Mike Anderson will

I agree Dallas likes Razorbacks. I do worry about Scotty Thurman though. That was not a happy separation from Muss.

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I’m not completely convinced yet that Dallas is at the top of our board. Feels like he’s not. Dallas didn’t have an AAU season that matched his previous ranking. He no doubt has length and good shooting skill for his size. But, I think there are questions with the rest of his skill set and physical attributes. He’s really, really skinny and doesn’t appear to be super athletic.

I’m good friends with Scotty…first and foremost he’s a Razorback. He will never steer a kid anywhere…that’s his words not mine.

He wanted to coach and Muss wanted to bring his own guys so Scotty moved on. Scotty is more concerned about winning a state championship at Parkview than anything else.


I think this is accurate. More of a development option.

Scotty told me the EXACT same thing, Jeff.


Not concerned about losing ANY recruit…the level of our recruiting at this time, at some point we’re going to lose somebody within the State and it may be 'cause we got one lined up better.

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Yet his highly recruited daughter chose to play volleyball at NC in the ACC. I do understand fathers don’t determine the school daughter might choose, and I also understand a daughter’s former allegiance might be lost if her alumni parent was treated in a manner perceived as negative.

His daughter fell in love with UNC. Much easier to drive a couple of hours to see her vs 13 hours to NC.

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From what Arkansaspub alluded to at the point of her announced commitment to UNC Muss’s decision regarding her father’s future in continued association with the Razorbacks, it was a choice easily made without remorse.

Good to hear that.

Scotty’s daughter choosing to play at UNC had nothing to do with anything that happened to Scotty. It stemmed from the volleyball coach doing a poor job recruiting her. That is straight from his mouth, because I asked him. Read again what Razorblack said about Scotty. Scotty is a straight shooter (no pun intended) who will let kids (even his own) make their own decisions.


Are you referring to our volleyball coach stating that he did “a poor job in recruiting her?”

I should clarify my comment. It was not my intent to imply that Scotty had influenced his daughter’s decision, but rather her reaction to the UA program not retaining her father in the Anderson-Musselman transition. It is clear to me from those such as yourself that Scotty is a man you would want to be coaching young men, or for that matter, young women. We cannot have enough straight shooters, pun or not, in sports or the community.

As an aside, the volleyball victory over the Aggies was a remarkable achievement considering the Razorback’s All-SEC hitter was not playing due to a bruised knee.

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Always liked Scotty. As a player and coach. He’s a stand up guy.


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