Mike Anderson to Have Losing......BUT WAIT WHAT'S THIS?

Current record 17-15. My math not the best, but I don’t see how he loses more than two more. St Johns amazinly tipped off this morning, halfway thru the 1H they trail Creighton by 1. :sunglasses:

Only 3 guarantees in life: Death, Taxes, & Mike Anderson finishing above .500

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Good for Mike. I pull for him. How can you not? Class dude.

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Apparently the Big East shut down its tournament at halftime of the SJU-Nova game. St. John’s was leading by 3, by the way. Count it as a win for Mike :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose the Cactus / Grapefruit Leagues not far behind.

MLB is expected to shut down this afternoon indefinitely.

One thing for sure, it’s not a SJ loss.

CMA is and will always be a Razorback! I hope he has success in coaching and in life. Mike has integrity that’s above reproach and is loyal.
Another winning season!

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St Johns fans kidding that Mike led them in year 1 to be national champs as last team ahead when season ended. Despite several key season ending injuries, the totally inexperienced underclassmen somehow became a tough out for top 30 teams to save winning season.
Ol Roy at N Carolina had losing season. Few and Izzo will be on list forever and after this year Iron Mike has impressed. I love my Hogs, uncrowned sec tourney champs and proud of my friend. Both schools should do damage in their conferences in future years after both lost 5-6 games that shoulda been W’s with free throw here or there.

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