Mike Anderson previews Texas State

– Coming off a tough loss, I thought we had ample opportunities to win the game but didn’t take advantage. Texas State is good defensively and takes care of the basketball. It’s going to be a well-coached team and we’re going to have to turn up the intensity in terms of guys starting and coming off the bench.

– The game was at Georgia Tech’s pace last night. Defensively, we held them to 69 points, but we opened the game 0/8 from deep and didn’t get to the line hardly at all. We started outside-in. We have to execute against the zone and they played zone basically the whole game. The tempo was to their liking. We didn’t click on all the cylinders we’re capable of clicking on. Down the stretch I thought we panicked a little bit. The unforced turnovers killed us and the game was won in the paint.

– Last night I was disappointed. When you look at the new pieces, they’re learning on the job. The games are going to get tougher and tougher and they have to learn to grind it out. They’re challenging Isaiah, which is good because you learn how to play and that’s what you’re going to see in the SEC. The energy and the effort, sometimes when you have success, complacency sets in.

– I’ll see here in the next few days in practice who deserves to be in the lineup. Adrio is struggling and confidence is a big part of this game. You have to be ready to play. Anderson mentioned a possible shakeup in the lineup.

– Texas State is an experienced team. You’re not 10-1 at this point in the season unless you’re a good basketball team. Nijal Pearson, who is averaging nearly 20 points per game, is shooting well from distance (49 percent on 73 attempts). They’re a patient team, so we have to make sure he doesn’t go off. We know he’s capable and has a strong build. He’s a capable kid. We’re really going to have to play good basketball.

– We have to push the ball then get some movement on offense. We have to get bodies and the ball moving.

– You learn from the failures you have. In all the games we’ve played we’ve been right there. In the last game, the effort, the rebounding and the turnovers cost us. They scored a lot off our turnovers. They just played a little zone and we didn’t execute. Our defense is still doing good. You can’t win with just defense. You have to be able to score.