Mike Anderson previews South Carolina

Mike Anderson

  • Hit the road to South Carolina. Started league play playing really well. Like all of Frank Martin’s teams, they’re going to be physical inside. Feels like Chris Silva has been there for 6-7 years and he keeps getting better. Tempo is going to be big in this game here. It’s the second half of conference play and we look forward to the challenge.

  • We’re starting to get key guys to play at a consistent level. Gabe, Adrio, Reggie, when they bring rebounding, intensity and a defensive mindset, it makes us a much better team. When you go on the road you have to shoot the ball well, so hopefully we can take that with us and repeat LSU. Where we are, we’re still a ways from where I want to be, but we’re moving in the right direction.

  • We’re getting after people and being disruptive defensively. Don’t think our D was as disruptive against Vandy, but we took like 6-7 charges. We’re blocking shots, deflecting passes and touching balls. That leads to the offense. On the other end, we’re executing better and starting inside-out. Things are starting to get a bit more in sync.

  • I don’t want to be predictable on defense. We can play multiple defenses now. We want to get the game more up and down and we have to be able to execute and not turn the ball over.

  • We’re getting better each time we go out. I’ll be anxious to see how we play against a team that’s defensive minded and coming off a tough loss to Kentucky. We have to be able to withstand the initial punch.

  • The matchup along the frontline is going to be big. Whichever big can stay out of foul trouble is going to be something to watch for. And it’s not just the matchup between Gafford and Chris Silva. South Carolina has some other guys like Maik Kotsar and Felipe Haase who can be a problem defensively.