Mike Anderson previews LSU

Mike Anderson

  • Very proud of Sidney and a chance to honor a great Razorback. He meant a lot to the program, and he’s the Son of Arkansas Basketball. He’s excited about having the chance to come back and be recognized at the game.

  • You have to have short-term memory. We have a talented LSU team coming in and we have to play our better basketball. Tremont Waters is one of the premiere guards in the country and he has a lot to do with their success. They have some tremendous talent and it’s going to take great effort for our guys to win. We have to play with a sense of urgency. We saw that for 6-7 minutes against UF, but they controlled tempo.

  • With a young team you’re going to have bumps along the way. Intensity on defense has to be there, and we have to be smart offensively with shot selection and taking care of the ball. We have to play inside-out, not outside-in.

  • I worry about winning games, not streaks like winning so many SEC games in a row at home on weekends. Tempo is going to be big in this game here. We got nothing from the bench last game. We got 22 against A&M. It’s the inconsistency and the bench is very important in what we do. We want to get the crowd involved in this one.

  • Gafford got fouled on some of the shots he took the other night, and those don’t count in the box score. We do different things to get him involved, but we don’t do a good job of getting him the ball at times. We’ve played big teams before - LSU has two 6-11 guys - so that won’t be new.

  • LSU is playing well. They came in and did what they were supposed to do last year in a 21-point win. Waters is a heady player and he has a great grasp of the game and now he’s surrounded by better players.

  • We did a lot of shooting yesterday and self-examined a bit. In every game we play we’re a possession away or a free throw away. We turned it over 16 times. Guys are learning how to win games. We’re in that phase of finishing games off the right way. We don’t want to be down 16 any time, but especially not at home.

  • Asked about Reggie Chaney rebounding from a tough game against Florida: I’m expecting a bounce back from the entire bench. They bring the energy and a defensive mindset for us. I’m expecting a much better effort from our bench against LSU.