Mike Anderson previews Colorado State

Mike Anderson
– Busy week ahead. We have our first road game against a Colorado State team that is improved from last year. They have five guys that seem like they score in double figures. They’re trying to find their identity a little bit.

– As a coach, you want to see your defense and your game travel. Rebounding is going to be a big key in this one. Can we get the productivity off our bench? We have some guys figuring out their roles and it’s helping our basketball team.

– On Isaiah Joe: He played well and turned in an all-around game. Everyone raves because he made ten 3s. He got in a zone and got lost on the floor in the flow of the game. Kudos to him. When you win, the individual awards come in. It’s just one game but I’m happy for him.

– On Doobie Jenkins: He came down and played here last year. He’s a good player. I’m sure he’ll be fired up for this game. We signed him late and it didn’t work out, but I’m sure he’ll be ready for this one.

– Looking at their team, they want to play medium-to-uptempo basketball. Their coach encourages them to get early offense and they have some good athletes on that roster. It’s going to be a good test.

– We made shots Saturday and established Daniel inside against FIU. The first three shots we made were dunks. We did a great job sharing the basketball, make or miss. We’re trusting each other and making the extra pass. Guys are turning down very good shots for great shots. Defense is the constant. The other day you wouldn’t know that because of the lead … and our bench is starting to come on. Desi Sills gave us some good minutes, as did Gabe, Reggie and Keysawn. Jordan Phillips is getting more and more comfortable.

– On Joe: He just does what he’s supposed to do every day. He’s grounded, and I go back to his upbringing. I’m comfortable with him bringing the ball up the floor, and now he’s learning how to come down and get lost in transition. He’s a willing passer, too. He doesn’t try to go get the game. It just came to him the other night.

– Scotty Thurman and Joe’s demeanor is pretty much the same. Scotty had confidence in himself, and Isaiah has some of that. He can do more than shoot the basketball. Scotty used to say he wanted to be known for more than just “The Shot.” I can see some similarities there.

– Yesterday was an off day so that’s when we nurse injuries and things like that. Reggie Chaney will practice today, so he should be ready to go on Wednesday.

– On CSU getting a Power 5 school to come in: It’s a game on their schedule. They feel like they’re playing well. It’s a chance for us to go play somewhere we haven’t played. I’m sure their fans and the players will be looking forward to it.