Mike Anderson previews Auburn

Mike Anderson

  • Six games left and we play against an Auburn team that’s 6-6 in league play and been in the top 10-20 almost all year. Dynamite backcourt. Have to contend with that. Chuma Okeke is a guy we have to limit. They have a good environment down there.

  • I want to see us value the ball. The last 2-3 games, especially the last game, we had a lot of live ball turnovers that have turned the game. Those are turnovers you can’t recover from sometimes. Rebounding has gotten better and we’re rebounding at an OK pace, but we have to create tempo with our defense.

  • On the bench: It’s been pretty inconsistent and you can say that’s a little bit of inexperience. This is the time of year when it has to be consistent. The guys starting are playing a lot of minutes. When the bench is producing we have much better balance. It’s been pretty inconsistent this year.

  • Decision making is a big key. Fatigue will make a coward out of you, and our bench is going to be critical. They have to go out there and play and play through their mistakes. We’ve got to have more big moments from those guys on top of the starters playing well.

  • I thought the 1H execution was fine. There were some turnovers in there, but they weren’t live-ball turnovers. In the second half vs. MSU we were stagnant. We just made bad decisions and it’s hard to recover from those kinds of turnovers.

  • Auburn didn’t shoot it well against Ole Miss. Forward Austin Wiley didn’t play in that game, but they want to score and they shoot it well at home. Our league is really good no matter where you play. Asked about Wiley’s status this week, Anderson said he’s sure he will play on Wednesday.

  • On Gabe: His passes the other night were telegraphed. Other times, guys cut off their route. You want to remember those mistakes, but you want to have short-term memory and do the things you’ve been doing all year long to help your team win. Gabe, no question about it, is an impact player for us coming off the bench.

  • You have to be with their shooters and we have to be in constant contact and communicating. Bryce Brown’s range is pretty unlimited and Jared Harper can shoot it from deep and get to the rim. Head has to be on a swivel and we have to build a wall and take advantage of the open floor.