Mike Anderson press conference notes - 11/20

– We’ve got a quick turnaround. It’s a chance for us to get better and find out more about ourselves. Our bench is going to be critical this week with two games in three days. They need to provide meaningful minutes.

– Jordan Phillips has been cleared. He practiced yesterday and will today. He’s an important piece and a versatile guard who can rebound, score and put the ball on the floor. He adds another dimension. He can be a mismatch and has some range. You wonder about his timing because he hasn’t worked out but about two weeks before he got hurt. We did a lot of shooting, 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 work yesterday.

– He will help out with the bench. He’ll help us in a lot of areas. There’s no pressure with him. He can go at his own pace. The timing part, it takes time. The bench is so critical to our team, and you never know, he could push into the starting lineup eventually.

– We have to rebound better. That’s the finishing part of defense. We’re looking forward to going out and seeing if we can get better. … It’s amazing we’ve played only three games. It’s almost like we’re playing conference games or games of magnitude already. Every game is a big game. These guys haven’t been around long enough to take a team lightly, so they’ll be ready for Montana State.

– On what he’s seen from IU film: There were some rebounding opportunities and fastbreak chances we didn’t cash in on Sunday, but we’re building on the last two games. Got to get to the line and make free throws. Dan was very critical in that game. He put us on his shoulders. He’s not a selfish kid, but it flowed for him.

– Jordan has to get some seasoning. For a guy that size, he’s athletic. He tries to dunk on everybody. He’s another important piece to what we have. He gives us someone else people have to worry about.

– I’m not worried about Jalen’s shooting struggles to begin the season (5/23 FG, 1/9 3FG). He’s had a year off, too. I think he’s playing well. He’s doing what I’m asking him to do, and that’s to get everybody involved.

Scottie I feel like Mike is REALLY hyping up Phillips. And I don’t feel that he hardly ever really does that sort of thing with a freshman. So thats pretty telling to me on what he thinks of this guy.

I’m not Scottie, but I’ve thought this kid would be a difference maker from the moment it was mentioned we were recruiting him. He reminds me of Scottie Pippen, in that he is a 6’7 guard who can bring the ball up, facilitate the offense, score on all three levels, and rebound. I believe he has the most upside on the team (and that includes DG). I hope he proves me right. In my opinion, he is what CMA has been missing since he’s been here. I guess we will know soon.