Mike Anderson press conference notes - 11/1

– This second exhibition game is about getting better and figuring out who the guys are that will be core players. This will be another chance for them to do that. I’m more interested in what we’re doing and seeing if we can put two halves together. We have to clean up the turnovers and the issues at the free throw line. In the second half last Friday, we played more like we had been performing in practice.

– On Jalen Harris: This is his time to go out and try to lead a team. He’s a guy who is looking forward to doing that, and he worked hard in practice and this offseason. Leadership is a big part of what he does. Last Friday he was playing too fast and got a couple of fouls, trying to do things too fast. In the second half we saw what he can do - rebounding, defensively and distributing the ball. You have to have patience defensively. If he does that then it will trickle to the other players on the roster.

– Daniel’s fouls were kind of lazy fouls, Anderson said. With his length, jumping straight up, that plays into his advantage. He got one using his hands maybe a bit too much. We got a chance to watch some tape and had an official come in and talk with the guys about the do’s and don’ts on the defensive end.

– I’m looking for the guys to have a continuance of the second half from last Friday. I want them to get on the offensive glass and make free throws. The way we play, it’s a game of runs. I want them to go out and do the things they do in practice every day.

– Gabe Osabuohien fell pretty hard on his tailbone the other day in practice, Anderson said. He said he hopes trainer Dave England can “put some magic on him.” He practiced Tuesday. The team was off Wednesday.

– We’re going to have about 7-8 starters with this team. I liked what Gabe, Reggie Chaney and Desi Sills did against Tusculum. Also liked what Adrio Bailey did particularly in the second half. I will probably give extensive minutes to those guys who are core guys. Anderson added that he is still searching for those combinations he likes. He wants to get more continuity with guys are will be playing big minutes in the future.

– This is audition No. 2 for playing time. I see them in practice a lot. But I want to see them with the lights on, how they play.