Mike Anderson press conference notes (10/25)

– Hard to believe another season is upon us. It gives me an opportunity to get some feedback on where we’re at as a team. Our guys are going to have to be able to adjust to someone other than themselves. I will be able to evaluate our guys in a game-like setting. I want to see them in some true minutes and see who is effective. It’s not how many minutes you get, it’s what you do with those minutes.

– After tomorrow night, we’re two weeks away from opening the season, and the guys are excited. Our coaching staff is very excited as well. The plan as of now is to play in combinations. I want to be able to see how guys perform together. The second half group we run with may be different than in the first half. Are we doing things defensively that we’ve been talking about? That’s one of the things I’ll be watching for.

– Defensively is how you earn those minutes. Impress me with your minutes on the defense.

– I won’t change what we do. We want to see who the guys are who are going to play. Anderson said he doesn’t have plans for minute restrictions for Daniel Gafford and Jalen Harris. For the first game we’ll let them play and see what happens. We will also try to play everyone.

– Jordan Phillips (meniscus) has been doing some more aggressive rehab, shooting the basketball and has began jogging a bit.

– These guys are trying to grasp what we’re doing. I’m having to go back over some things in practice. I think once they grasp these things I think it’ll be a thing of beauty. I’ve had to really practice my patience with what we’re doing until they really get it. Now those guys have to be able to make snap decisions and allow their instincts to take over.

– There probably should have been 6-7 SEC teams in the top 25. The nonconference is going to be important for setting the stage for conference play. You look at a team like Tennessee, who returns everyone and they have the player of the year in the league back plus Admiral Schofield.

– My heart dropped a little bit hearing about Missouri’s Jontay Porter going down with a season-ending knee injury. He had progressed so much. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. It’s some adversity, but you build off of it. I know his family and his faith and he will bounce back.

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