Mike Anderson, players preview Ole Miss

Mason Jones and Daniel Gafford
DG: Takeaway from the UT game was it was a lesson for us. We didn’t play the whole game. I told the guys we don’t want this to happen anymore, losing by 10-plus points. We have to come out and just play ball.
MJ: We just learn from the loss. It was good to see how a good team looks and how disciplined they were, and we learned from that. We continued to fight. The fight from us was good and now we have to just worry about coming out strong.
DG: Ole Miss is a good team. We have to play at another level. Ole Miss’ game Saturday is sold out, so it’ll be a rowdy crowd.
MJ: We have to come out strong and fighting. UT threw the first punch and now we know what to do and know to come out strong. We have to ready for the game and the crowd.
DG: You just have to keep your cool with the foul calls. You just have to mature from it. You can talk to the official but he’s not going to change his call. It’s a physical game, you can’t go in with a mindset of being a child.
DG on being 1-3 in league 2 years in a row: We had multiple meetings with coaches and we had to get our mental state back.
MJ: I’ve seen teams deny me, hold and push. At UT I was settling early, and I told coach I need to attack the rim more. At Texas A&M I wasn’t really ready because I didn’t know what to expect.

Mike Anderson

  • Ole Miss is playing well and we’re aware of Terence Davis and what he can do. Breein Tyree is also dangerous. Kermit Davis is utilizing what these guys are good at, and defensively they mix it up. They’re playing awfully well at home. When the Hogs and the Rebels get together, you know it’s going to be a ballgame.

  • This is a chance for us to rebound after UT took us to the woodshed. They hit us early, and we played on our heels. Lessons have been learned for our basketball team. I’m looking for the fighting spirit and execution on Saturday. You have to have a short-term memory in this league.

  • Fouling is a learning curve for this team. They gripe about it because I have a no blood, no foul rule in practice. How do we combat that? We have to have a mental toughness about you. Strap it up and go fight.

  • Isaiah played at a different rate on Tuesday. I’m hoping he’s starting to make the adjustments to what teams are doing to him.

  • Kermit has implemented a sense of urgency with his guys defensively, and he has guys who can score offensively, too.

  • We’ve been in nearly every game. It’s time now to start piecing things together. Not throwing the first punch is a big deal, especially on the road. We have to do that. We have to come out and get off to a good start.