Mike Anderson, players preview Georgia Tech

Reggie Chaney and Jalen Harris
RC: Looking at the starters, I was seeing what they lacked and tried to fill that void. I’ve always been able to move my feet better than most big men.
RC: We’re a real athletic team and quick off our feet. We’re a good shot-blocking team.
JH: How we play defense, we like to get up in you and we know we’ve got help-side. I know I can just play freely and gamble sometimes. It helps a lot having those guys back there.
RC: Daniel’s ability to block shots, he can go up and get it. If someone beats us off the dribble then we know we’ve got some help at the rim.
RC: We don’t know a whole lot about Georgia Tech, but we’re going to get ready for them and be prepared on Wednesday.
JH: It means a lot to lead the nation in assist to turnover ratio. It means a lot for coach to trust me and allow me to have the ball in my hands so much.
RC: Coach talks to me all the time about just working hard on defense and to not worry about scoring. That will come. I blocked a lot of shots in high school. The key is just timing the ball. You’ve got to be athletic to block shots, and when they go up I just go for the ball.
JH: I just try to shoot my floater over Dan and Reggie as high as I can in practice, he laughed. Reggie being 6-8 and Dan being as tall as he is, when they jump they’re way up there. They’re going to always alter shots.
JH: Playing against another Power 5 school, it gives people what they want to see - us playing a high-level team.
RC: I’m excited to play them. … I just tried to do the same things in the second half that I did in the first half. I just try to not make a bunch of mistakes. The game has slowed down for me.
JH: I feel like coach A has a lot of trust in our guys and when he puts you out there he’s showing you that.
RC: Jalen is a guard who can score, but I’ve never played with a guard like him. He’s one of the best I’ve played with. I love the way he dishes the ball and plays with a high basketball IQ.

Mike Anderson
– Georgia Tech has played a really good schedule. They’ve played Tennessee, Northwestern and St. John’s.

– We were sluggish starting off on Saturday. We’re going to have to play a whole lot better Wednesday night. They mix up their defense and want to play medium-to-uptempo basketball. I want to see us impose our will on our opponents. We’ve seen the last couple of games that we’ve played at their pace.

– We’ve got to come up with loose balls and we’re getting initial stops, but the rebounding has to be better. Got to clean up the turnovers. The motion offense, we need to move the ball side to side and get guys slashing to the rim and get back to making teams work on defense. I think we’ve been predictable in what we’re doing.

– Reggie was the energizer, the finisher off other guys’ penetration. He was guarding guards, guarding forwards and all positions. We’ve got to get that from other guys too. Reggie is a starter in my mind. He played 28 minutes and that’s the most he’s played.
– Georgia Tech needed a game, we needed a game, and it’s a home-and-home series. That’s all there is to it.

– Reggie is a good passer, too. He sees the floor and is good at the high-low. He brings a good awareness on both ends. And you want a guy who isn’t afraid to get in there and mix it up.

– Part of defense is defending the rim. We’ve got some athletic guys who are good at protecting the rim. Guys are taking charges as well. Hopefully us contesting shots continues.

– Dan has gotten better at blocking shots. That goes back to guys guarding pretty well on the perimeter. You can extend your pressure because you’ve got those guys back there at the rim.

– I saw some real potential in Jalen Harris when he came in. He doesn’t over dribble and he’s got some good options. He’s getting everyone involved. He’s taking care of it. I think about Lee Mayberry. He could play in 10-12 games and not have a turnover. He’s doing some of that.

– On Georgia Tech: They’ve got a transfer that was at Texas and some good, young players. They’re balanced and Josh Pastner does a good job mixing his lineups. They handled Tennessee’s defense pretty well. They didn’t shoot it well, but they were right there with them early in the year. Josh has a young team, but I really believe that it’s going to be a good game.

– We haven’t had an ACC team in here in a while. But every team we play… even UTSA, they were a good team. People look at the name and Georgia Tech has good tradition. It’s going to be like some of the teams we’ll be seeing in January.