Mike Anderson on Texas Tech

– Coach Beard has done a great job creating a culture. Defensively they do a great job defending in all aspects of the game and really limit teams from 3.

– On Red Raiders star Jarrett Culver and Tech in general: He’s probably going to be an all-Big 12 guy. It’s a team that’s well-balanced. Culver is the featured guy, but they have other weapons. They’re coming off some losses, like we have recently. We’ll find out more about our team. Can our D travel? It’s a great challenge and a chance for us to play someone out of conference, and it’s interesting bc you’re grinding then you get a game out of league play

– On the tough schedule: Positives, you’re playing some of the best teams. You find out where you are. Challenges with a young team is you want to know where their psyche is and where their confidence is. Have to understand they’re playing against a tremendous defensive team. They have to play for 40 minutes. Can’t get off to slow starts. They’re good, and good at home.

– On Mason Jones’ struggles: He isn’t making some shots, missing some chilies and layups. He has to get to the line. HE’s doing some other things, though, but maybe pressing a bit. Hopefully he’ll show up Saturday. Isaiah is playing with some more urgency and stronger. … Jones is 2/14 from 3 in the last two games and 3/20 overall.

– Reggie is a guy who can play above the rim, rebound, block shots and get in passing lanes. And he had 4 assists last night and it means a lot when you’ve got a 4 of that caliber with those kinds of numbers.

– On Tech’s D: They call it a pack-line defense. Scouting report says they’re going to get to shooters and try to turn teams away at the rim. They want games in the 50s and 60s. Defensively, they’re engaged and on the same page, and they guys off the bench play with the same mindset.

– We have to play D ourselves and get in passing lanes. We have some kids who are good in transition. Desi is an example of that. You’re going to have to score in the halfcourt and get to the line. There are some advantages we have, and we have to take advantage of it. Dan is one of the advantages we have, and we have guys who can attack off the dribble, too. Defense, though, is what we want to hang our hats on.