Mike Anderson linked to St Johns job

It’s hard to think of a worse fit for Mike than moving to Queens–seems much better for him to sit out a year and find something that fits his recruiting base better

Mike can do all his recruiting at St. John’s with a subway pass. Think Memphis times 10 or 15 with the amount of talent. He just needs to get a few studs to stay close to home.

That’s what they said about Chris Mullen, who was a local legend

I guess he could bring Kareem Reid on staff.

That would be a lot bigger metro area than Mike’s lived in previously. Getting the trust of local high school and AAU coaches might be tough without some one on staff(not seriously suggesting Reid) who is a known face.

I think Mike could win at a very good clip in the country’s biggest CYO league (also known as the Big East), if he can get local talent. I just think that would be a pretty big “if”.

I hope he excels wherever he lands except when he play us.


Death. Taxes. Jeff Goodman making me look like a Mike Hugger

Finalized deal at St. John Mike is the next head coach…it didn’t take him long The Big East…oh I guess we get to see first as to who’s the better recruiter

Seems like a poor fit to me but I of course I love Mike and wish him success.

SJU being good again would be cool. Hope it works out

If true…This is about money. If Mike fails he gets paid more than his buyout and he keeps his staff employed. Pretty easy decision for Mike from where I sit. I think he wants to coach but I bet this is a good financial contract for him and TJ. The Yanks will be all over him if it doesn’t start well.

He’s unreal. Mike Anderson Jr. posted on twitter that CMA told him off a long time ago, and he’s had it in for him ever since.

Taking on another train wreck. But, he’s 59, Mullin was making $2m I think, he can try to build it back, and is far removed from here, out of sight and out of mind. Will be no distraction for the program.

Good for him. He’ll be fine.

Hmm I would not be surprised if Coach A and the SJU folks had the Arkansas fertile grounds in mind to recruit, in other words introducing the Arkansas country boys to the Big Apple

SJU made the tournament last year and returns a majority of starters. How is this a train wreck?

Of course Jeff Goodman is going to go out of his way to demean Mike Anderson. What a jerk! I think CMA in Madison Square Garden playing an uptempo style could take NYC by storm.

This seems like a great place for MA, as long as he is comfortable in the big city. I expect he will do well there.

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They don’t return a majority of starters. Right now after departures, transfers, and de commitments they only have 8 guys on the roster. Can Mike convince Figeroa to stick around, can he bring in 3-4 impact guys within the month?? I don’t know.

I’ll always wish Mike well but this certainly seems like a strange destination for him.

Is McDonalds AA and former Auburn star Mustapha Herron staying? I did not see anything about him. Sounds like Mike needs to do some recruiting of Figueroa and the Juco guys, Juco guys may be tough to get, but Figueroa may not be that hard. No one wants to sit out a year unless they have to.

It has looked like Heron is staying. Remember he got a waiver to play immediately there bc his mother was sick and SJU was an hour or so from her home.