Mike Anderson is pure class

I know it couldn’t have been easy for Coach A to come back today, but he did. His tenure here didn’t end the way any of us wanted. I’m quite certain he wishes he would have done some things differently, shown more fire, but he will always be a class act. The shoes he had to fill were ultimately too big. For me, he always told me I was family, and would always be welcomed back, anytime I came back to Fayetteville. I will never forget that. I simply love the man and wish him well going forward at St. John’s. So glad he was here today to share in Coach Richardson’s big day.

I choked up when I saw him. What integrity and loyalty. He’s a wonderful man.

Totally agree! What a class man…he will always be a Razorback to me.

I completely agree with this sentiment. Classy guy. I hope he has a good run at St. John’s.

completely agree. Great person by all accounts. Obviously our fans love Mike, as you could tell from his ovation.


Pure CLASS: A Razorback for life in my book.

Just a few days after he was fired, I saw him at the Walmart on Mall Ave., in Fayetteville. He spoke to everyone who made eye contact with him. Two people marveled at how he conducted himself in that situation. He was in the store to pick up some grocery items for his wife. He is a remarkable person.

The character of the man has never been questioned. At least, I never have. I don’t think many here have doubted his class.

I was stunned he was there. But in retrospect, it made perfect sense that he would do it.

Wouldn’t be surprised if he takes St. Johns to the tournament and has a deep run.

Why? I suspect they take a bit of a step back this year considering who they lost. They’ll likely be a bubble team, not unlike the Hogs.

I’m wondering why you feel SJ will make a deep run in the tourney when it didn’t happen in 8 years here with CMA?

The man always exudes class, dignity and integrity, regardless of the situation. I am not at all surprised that he would come back to honor his mentor. Go Hogs! Go Johnny Storm!

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Did he stay and watch the game.

Not him, but that would be our luck

A Saint Johns v Arkansas play in game would be the best

You are correct that SJ should take a step back this year considering who they lost.

As far as CMA, it can happen at SJ because it happened in Missouri. Just like, we are predicting Muss makes a deep run here based on him taking Nevada to Sweet 16, SJ fans can predict Mike makes a deep run based on him taking Missouri to Elite Eight. We don’t care Muss got fired in NBA and they probably don’t care Mike got fired at Arkansas.

Who is “we”?

Eric Musselman was in the sweet 16 two years ago.

Mike Anderson was in the sweet 16 over a decade ago.

I’m just wondering what the poster saw over the previous 8 years that makes them believe he will take Saint Johns on a deep tourney run when he couldn’t at UA. Maybe he thinks Mike will be able to accumulate talent at a better clip at SJ? I don’t know, that’s why I ask.

I don’t think so. They walked into the tunnel shortly after the ceremony and I did not see them again.

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I’m not sure I have ever seen a more amicable split between a university and a coach as I witnessed with Arkansas and Mike Anderson this year. It was clear that it was an agonizing decision for both parties, but both sides handled it with class.

And generally speaking, the fans’ complaints about Anderson were strictly about coaching and not something else. That seems to rarely be the case anymore.

Mike has been treated well by the people of Arkansas for a long time. That, coupled with his admiration for Nolan, probably made a difficult decision to come back a lot easier.

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Nailed it. Great representative for the UA and the state of Arkansas. Wish he would have won more.

Everything about CMA was with class, dignity, & integrity. Fans wanted Razorback success not only for Arkansas but for Coach Anderson. Even in down years, fans could only show respect for a coach with so much character. Hope CMA someday retires in NWA to be close to the fans who loved him so much.

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